Current Favorite Floral Pieces

outfit spring san diego billabong
Happy Friday! I haven't posted in awhile and I wanted to share a quick post with you all on my current favorite floral pieces. I got back from San Diego Monday night and from then everything has been non-stop and I haven't even had a chance to unpack!

I brought this pink floral, long-sleeve romper with me on the trip and I can definitely see myself wearing it throughout the rest of Spring and Summer. Here are some other floral favorites, this romper included:
  1. Target - Romantinc Romper Pink Floral, Mossimo Supply Co.
  2. Topshop - Azetec Floral Simsuit
  3. Converse - Chuck Taylor Pink Floral Sneakers
  4. Forever 21 - Embroidered Floral Bomber Jacket
  5. Ralph Lauren - Denim & Supply Rose-Embroidered Denim Shorts

Which one is your favorite floral piece?


Gudetama x Gold

nike uniqlo sanrio black ootd urban outfitters forever 21 sunglasses
One of my favorite things to do is to mix old and new fashion pieces when I put an outfit together and to also incorporate some sort of 'kawaii' aka cute, pieces into the look. One of my favorite Sanrio characters (Pochacco will always be my first love!) is Gudetama aka the lazy egg and when I found this shirt at the UNIQLO in Malaysia, I knew it was meant for me! The shirt is the new, and these black and gold Nike dunks are the old. I've always been a sneaker type of girl and I probably always will be - and these sneakers are probably at least 7 years old, haha!nike uniqlo sanrio black ootd urban outfitters forever 21 sunglassesnike uniqlo sanrio black ootd urban outfitters forever 21 sunglassesootd outfit fashion sunglasses forever 21ootd outfit fashion sunglasses forever 21ootd outfit fashion sunglasses forever 21ootd outfit fashion sunglasses forever 21Gudetama Shirt - UNIQLO (similar HERE)
Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters (similar HERE)
Sunglasses - Forever 21
Shoes - Nike (similar HERE)
Backpack - Marc Jacobs (similar HERE)

The lazy egg being held between chopsticks as he tries tho hold himself up is just so amusing and cute and the phrase "seriously...I can't..." just adds little more to how it feels when you're just feeling so damn lazy, haha. A few new staples I've added to more wardrobe within the past few months have been on rotation and I find myself wearing them out a lot which include this Urban Outfit bomber jacket and Marc Jacobs backpack (seen HERE and HERE). 

Do you guys have pieces in your wardrobe you've had for years? What's your favorite way of incorporating them?


Veg Out Seattle 2017 Event - Recap

*This article is not sponsored, but I did receive free admission to the event. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make KFC Loves You possible.

Dang coconut chips, zico watermelon coconut water, rhododendron
Last week, I was invited to the Veg Out Seattle, a plant-based foodie lifestyle event filled with lots of vendors, food, and booze! Even though I'm not a vegan or vegetarian, I still enjoy vegan/vegetarian food and I love how creative people get with their recipes and how they are also able to mimic the textures and flavors of non-vegan foods! I brought one of my best friends along that also appreciates vegan food fair and we both thoroughly enjoyed the event and ended leaving stuffed!
seattle vegan vegetarian sodo Canvas Event Space sodo
The Canvas Event Space is located in SODO and we were immediately captured by the giant balloon carrot at the door, haha. I was greeted by Kelsey from Davies + Dixon (who also invited me!) and we were give wrist bands and swag bags right away. The place was packed (maybe a little too full) and it was hard at first to get around since everyone crowded towards the entrance but we eventually made our way down to all the food! One side of the room held most of the food and the other side had all the drinks (alcohol and non-alcohol). I discovered some new brands that I have never heard of before and left with a few extra coupons and goodies!

Some new discoveries and favorites I'd like to mention were No Bones Beach Club, BetaOats, Genesis Organic Juice, JujuBeet, Nutpods, and Puget Sound Kombucha Co.
plant-based tiki bar seattle veg out seattle
fresh pressed juices beets greenvegan healthy earl grey spiced rooibos
And of course some favorites of mines already there: Six Strawberries, Dry Soda ( and their new ginger is amazing!), and Araya's Place.

When I got home, I was excited to look through the Swag Bag and loved all the delicious goodies and coupons in there!
vegetarian vegan snacks chips kale coconut peas drinks
It was an overall great event with tons of people, and definitely tons of booze (if I didn't give up alcohol for lent, I would've had some!). It was a tad bit crowded and it would've been nice with more walking room between the booths, but it wasn't anything to unbearable. The music was dope and the food was delicious and my friend and I enjoyed ourselves!

Thank you again Veg Out for having me!


Get Silky Smooth with Oliën Body

*This post is sponsored by Olien Body. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that make KFC Loves You possible!

sugar scrub natural coconut oil
I'm excited to share today's post because I love finding products that help my skin stay smooth, but without irritating it. I have very sensitive skin and there have been many instances where I will use a product and it breaks my skin out in a rash or little red bumps, or it makes my already occurring eczema even worse. I find body scrubs are one of the hardest things to find that works with my skin with the exact formula that I personally like, especially since many of them leave a thick greasy feeling with the oils they use or burns my skin with the fragrances. With Oliën Body being a premium sugar scrub that features natural virigin coconut oil, sugar, and essential oils, I knew I had to give it a try since the short list of ingredients to me meant better quality for my skin! And indeed, when I tried this scrub out for the first time, no negative skin reaction and my body was left silky smooth! I thought the Vanilla Mint scent might make my skin a little irritated, but it didn't bother it a bit and made my whole bathroom smell like a spa.
coconut oil sugar natural
sugar coconut natural
The texture of the product is smooth from the coconut oil but it had the right amount of grit from the fine sugar to really exfoliate away the dead skin. Since it is made out of sugar and I was curious, yes I did taste it, and it tasted really good but I don't recommend eating it, ha ha. With that said since it is coconut oil based, it instantly melts as you rub in into your skin. Also, if you leave it in a warm place (your shower for instance), it will melt inside the jar but will solidify again in a cooler area, so just keep that in mind.
scrub sugar natural coconut oil
coconut oil sugar scrub
coconut oil vanilla mint sugar scrubv
sugar fine natural coconut oil
I tried this product on both wet and dry skin and my preferred method of application is dry! It really gets the dead skin off and it doesn't melt as fast compared to when your legs are extra warm from the water. When your skin is dry, you can feel the sugar scrub in action as it exfolitates your skin. It's gentle enough to use daily and I've been using it every other time I'm in the shower, especially to prep my skin for my upcoming trip to sunny San Diego! You can also use this to shave with. I've only tried it once with the product, and it's not my favorite product to use for shaving, but it gets the job done.
sugar scrub coconut oil perfume make up triangl
coconut oil scrub wine vanity display
I'm excited to continue using this product as I have found that my skin, especially on my legs, has been a lot smoother and evenly textured. I find myself having to use less lotion after I use the scrub as the coconut oil leaves my skin feeling hydrated, but not greasy. The Oliën Body scrubs come in a variety of scents and are currently on sale! 

If you have sensitive skin and you're looking for a good body scrub (or even if you don't have sensitive skin and you want a good body scrub!), give Oliën Body a try.


Japan Outfit Diary 2017 - Rotating Wardrobe

ootd tokyo shinjuku marc jacobs casual converse
My trip to Japan was sweet, but way too short, and it was a bit hard to pack for since I was going somewhere with a completely different climate beforehand. Japan was about 40 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit whereas Malaysia is hot and humid with the average temperature being in the mid-80s. I had to make sure I had enough room for my clothes, gifts, and of course, warm weather clothing since I was going to Malaysia first, but I also wanted to have a few outfit options while I was in Japan. My tip when traveling to different locations and climates is to pack pieces that can be used for multiple scenarios and to dress in layers. Another tip is to wear your heaviest pieces (denim or jackets) on the plane since it's usually chilly on board anyways. Rotate your items during your trip and pack pieces that compliment each other!

Here's a look at most of the pieces I brought for Japan and below that is how I incorporated them into different looks each day. Some items are sold out unfortunately, but the items I can find, I will link them below and same goes for anything that I can find similar to the product. Even with limited packing space, I was still able to create distinct looks for each day as I used bits and pieces here and there.

Boyfriend Jeans - Uniqlo | N64 Hoodie - Urban Oufitters | Ice Cream Purse - Bag Me Baby (similar HERE) | Converse Chuck Taylor - Nordstrom | Black Shortalls - Forever 21 (similar HERE) | Backpack - Marc Jacobs (similar HERE) | Leggings - Calvin Klein (similar HERE) | Sushi T-shirt - H&M (similar HERE) | Corduroy Skirt - Target (similar HERE) | Grey Pom Beanie (similar HERE) | Coach Dinky Purse - Coach (similar HERE) | Fleece Tights - Target | Black Pom Beanie - Forever 21 (similar HERE) | Jeggings - Target | Nike Juvenate Sneakers - Nordstrom (similar HERE) | Black Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters (similar HERE) | Ecote Reversible Jacket - Urban Outfitters | White Tee - Forever 21

Day 1 

ootd tokyo shinjuku marc jacobs casual converse
ootd tokyo shinjuku marc jacobs casual converse
ootd tokyo shinjuku marc jacobs casual converse
Boyfriend Jeans - Uniqlo |  Converse Chuck Taylor - Nordstrom | Backpack - Marc Jacobs (similar HERE) | Ecote Reversible Jacket - Urban Outfitters | White Tee - Forever 21

Day 2

urban outfitters tokyo tights converse urban renewel bomber jacket
urban outfitters tokyo tights converse urban renewel bomber jacket
Tokyo Japan hm bomber jacket marc jacobs backpack
Black Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters (similar HERE) | Sushi T-shirt - H&M (similar HERE) | Black Shortalls - Forever 21 (similar HERE) |  Fleece Tights - Target | Converse Chuck Taylor - Nordstrom | Backpack - Marc Jacobs (similar HERE)

Day 3

coach dinky urban outfitters velvet jacket pom tokyotokyo outfit ootd Urban Outfitters
Ecote Reversible Jacket - Urban Outfitters | Black Pom Beanie - Forever 21 (similar HERE) | Jeggings - Target | Coach Dinky Purse - Coach (similar HERE) | Converse Chuck Taylor - Nordstrom 

Day 4

JR line tokyo nintendo skirt ootd ice cream purse N64
JR line tokyo nintendo skirt ootd ice cream purse N64
N64 Hoodie - Urban Oufitters | Fleece Tights - Target |  Corduroy Skirt - Target (similar HERE) | Ice Cream Purse - Bag Me Baby (similar HERE) | Black Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters (similar HERE)

Day 5

tokyo Japan giant candy floss cotton candy ootd outfit nike black
Ice Cream Purse - Bag Me Baby (similar HERE) | | Leggings - Calvin Klein (similar HERE) | Grey Pom Beanie (similar HERE) | Nike Juvenate Sneakers - Nordstrom (similar HERE) | Black Bomber Jacket - Urban Outfitters (similar HERE

Day 6

nintendo 64 reversible jacket ootd outfit tokyo
N64 Hoodie - Urban Oufitters | Converse Chuck Taylor - Nordstrom | Leggings - Calvin Klein (similar HERE) | Backpack - Marc Jacobs (similar HERE) | Ecote Reversible Jacket - Urban Outfitters 

I hope you guys enjoyed this post and have some guidance/inspiration when packing for multi-weather destinations! Have a great weekend =)


Road Trip: From Kota Kinabalu to Sandakan + What To Do

malaysia war memorial park garden ootd travel
I've had more than a few people ask me about Kota Kinabalu, where I've been and also asking about a few neighboring cities. I thought this would be the perfect time to share with you a little more about Sabah, Malaysia, and my road trip from Kota Kinabalu to my mom's hometown, Sandakan and the places along the way for visitors to well, visit! You can take a quick 40 minute flight, but you miss out on seeing a lot of the sites. Be warned: You're in for a bumpy ride!

Nabalu Kundasang 

If you are to stop anywhere on the drive from KK to Sandakan, then make this place your first pit stop. There's a giant pineapple statue there so the location is easy to spot and there's a market nearby with stall shops to buy snacks and gifts. What I recommend the most is the Nanas (pineapple) Josephinas, the special Pineapple grown in this area. The Guava and Jambu are delicious too and all of them are extra tasty with the dried plum powder! Plus, if it's clear enough, you can see a gorgeous view of Mt. Kinabalu.
malaysia kk sabah borneo
malaysia kk sabah borneo kundasang

Desa Dairy Farm

If you like dairy, cool weather, and the smelly breeze of cow manure (ha ha, jk), then stop by the Desa Dairy Farm, a popular tourist destination. You can buy some milk, chocolate milk, coffee milk, frozen ice cream, t-shirts, cheeses, and more here while also getting a beautiful view of the valley. Apparently, there's a petting farm too but I totally missed it! Ha.
sabah malaysia kundasang ootd cotton on converse
sabah malaysia kundasang ootd cotton on converse yogurt

Kundasang War Memorial Park

If you come to this area, then the Kundasang War Memorial is a definite must-see destination. It does cost a small fee to enter, but the price is worth it to learn about the history of British and Australian soldiers who died in the Sandakan POW camp during their death marches to Ranau. Read all about it and see their memory commemorated in beautiful gardens with rare flora species.
Malaysia sabah borneo
malaysia war memorial park garden ootd travel contemplation garden

Sabah Tea Farm

Enter the Ranau area and beautifully green Sabah Tea Farm. This area and time of day we visited was extremely hot and since we were running out of time to get to Sandakan, we only stopped here for a little bit to shop and eat with not enough time to go on a tour. The surroundings are absolutely breathtaking and it should also be noted that this is the only organic tea farm in Borneo. I highly suggest stopping in the shop to purchase their Pandan tea! There weren't any samples, but when I got back to Seattle to try it, I couldn't believe how flavorful it was and I wish we bought more! They also serve tea in a few of their items like their scones, waffles, and pancakes, and we ordered a few other tasty treats too.
malaysia sabah tea borneo organic tea farm view ranau
Malaysia ranau kundasang sabah tea borneo sanrio
crepe green pancakes borneo malaysia
Malaysia borneo breakfast ranau kundasang
Malysai foodie food sabah eats borneo
Malaysia borneo ranau kundasang vegetables foodie
foodie waffle tea breakfast malaysia borneo

Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre

Another must stop is the Sepilok Orangutan Rehabilitation Centre a few miles before Sandakan. It's an experience to walk through and just to admire these beautiful creatures. The best times to go is during feeding time. Take a walk to the 'playground' area for to see the baby orangutans play - I even got close to one as it was being a bit naught, haha. I can't find the photo to that one but when I do, I'll share it here!
center malaysia apes borneo sabah
The naughty one climbing away!


There's also a few bridges within the area, but this one was a random one that I can't quite remember the name of, but my uncle decided to stop to let us cross it! It's narrow, but tightly secure and if you want a quick thrill, check them out!
water bridge sandakan malayisa borneo sabah

Durian Pit Stop

And of course, if you are driving and see random stalls or trucks along the way with fruits you want to eat - be sure to grab them. We missed durian season and the US visitors were craving it so we had to stop when we saw this stall with the King of Fruit!

I hope you enjoyed this post, especially if you have plans to travel in Sabah, Malaysia! Stay tuned for a few more Malaysia trip posts =)


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