Asia 2017 Travel Vlog Part 4 | Kota Kinabalu + Pamper Day

Here's day 4 of my latest Asia Travel vlog series. It was a chill relaxing day that consisted of eating (per usual) and a special hair washing experience at a local salon! I'm slowly developing my editing/filming skills, but it's getting there! Please like and subscribe! =)

Kamakura Food & Travel Photo Diary 2017

Daibutsu kotokuin temple japan tokyo travel ootd
One of my recommendations when visiting Japan (especially Tokyo) is to take at least a day to get out of the city and visit more of the countryside. The atmosphere is much more calm and serene and everything feels so welcoming and comfortable. We were able to do just that on one of the days of our trip to Kamakura city in the Kanagawa prefecture filled with Buddhist and Shinto temples and shrines.


Japan tokyo kamakura kanagawa
One of the most important Zen Buddhist Temple complexes in Japan was the Zuirokuzan Engaku Kosho Zenji which was our first stop. It was right by the train station so walking there was a breeze. It was also a beautiful sunny and crisp (but cold!) day and a very nice way to see this city.
Japan Tokyo kamakura kanagawa
ootd urban outfitters fashion forever 21 japan tokyo kanagawa kamakura Coach Dinky
fashion urban outfitters japan tokyo zen buddhist temple kamakura


japan tokyo kamakura kanagawa
tokyo japan kanagawa kamakura ume usagi
japan tokyo  kamakura kanagawa
japan tokyo kamakura kanagawa
japan tokyo kamakura kanagawa ecote forever 21 urban outfitters
Ecote Jacket - Urban Oufitters (similar HERE) | Beanie - Forever 21 (similar HERE) | Denim - Target | Converse - Nordstrom | Purse - Coach (similar HERE)

Walking around Kamakura

japan kanagawa sakura
As we were walking around from temple to temple, we couldn't help but notice how cute all the houses were and how they were all kept up well! I'd love to be able to live in the outskirts of the city in Japan some day, but reminiscing on these photos will do for now!
kanagawa japan landscape
As we were walking towards the Great Buddha for our last stop, we also happened to pass by all these awesome food shops on the way! We only ate at a few on the way there since we thought we'd have time to snack on the way back but unfortunately, a lot of them closed =( Lesson learned; if you see something you want to eat, eat it right then and there! Luckily there were a few places still open.
oishi kanagawa japan
Kamakura Japan oishi
Cream puffs! 

oishii octopus kanagawa cracker
Tako (octopus) crackers - hand pressed. When I get to the editing the video footage, you have to see how cool it was! And so fresh and delicious!

japan sapporo onion beef soup
Vending machine find = hot beef onion demi glace soup in a can!

Japan oishii rice ball mochi
Spicy Nori (seaweed) Dango (rice ball cake mochi thing!)

japan kanagawa
At the Kamakura train station


great buddha Japan tokyo kamakura kanagawa
japan tokyo kamakura kanagawa
Kotoku-in Kanagawa Kamakura Japan tokyo
Japan kamakura kanagawa

Kamakura City

japan kanagawa kami
kanagawa japan street style
We were getting hungry and a few of the places we wanted to go to were closed so then we opted for some good quality meats! This was more of a KBBQ style yakiniku place but the meat was delicious! Location = 


I hope you guys enjoyed this photo diary of Kamakura. I have a few more Japan posts that are coming up, so stay tuned!


Asia 2017 Travel Vlog Part 3 | Kota Kinabalu + Night Market Fun

Here's Day 3 of my Asia 2017 vlog series! I'm eating more, exploring more, and celebrating Chinese New Year by visiting all the night markets! If you like these, please like and subscribe!

Floral Jacquard in the Streets of Sandakan

The photos from the wedding night in Sandakan, Malaysia are finally here! I did a quick photo shoot with my uncle (Mirrorless Planet) at night in the quiet streets of Sandakan right before a family wedding event. 
Floral Jacquard Dress - Forever 21
Ankle Strap Heels - Nordstrom (similar HERE)
Wallet on Chain - Chanel
Red Lip Gloss - Shiseido

The first time I saw this dress, I instantly fell in love with it. What caught my eye the most was the floral print with the added birds (it looks like a common kingfisher, or at least the colors do!) all around and I thought it'd be perfect for a summer (basically) wedding in Malaysia that I would attend. I'm not the girliest girl out there but I do love me some floral dresses! I thought a red lip would pair well with the look and kept the accessories to black so the dress would really stand out. The wedding happened to be after I got a lot of sun so this dress really made my tan stand out, even though I had some weird tan lines, it still looked pretty good I think! Haha. We shot this at night during blue hour and I loved how these photos turned out. There wasn't much time to get ready so please excuse the messy hair.

I hope this looks inspires you for the next event you need to get dressy for =)


Asia 2017 Travel Vlog Part 2 | Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia

Here's part 2 of my Asia Travel 2017 Vlog series where I finally arrive in Kota Kinabalu. This whole vlogging this is way harder than it looks, especially getting the right footage and making sure it isn't shaky, etc. Hopefully the editing goes smoother from here!

Top 10 Instagram-Worthy Spots in Kota Kinabalu

sabah malaysia outfit travel
I've been to Kota Kinabalu many times now and  I thought I'd share with other fellow travelers/visitors to this country some of my favorite picture-worthy or now, Instagram-Worthy, spots in the city! I'll be sharing some photos I've already shared on Instagram and along with other ones I haven't had a chance to post yet! Let's take a look below...

1) Gaya Street/Jalan Gaya

This is one of the busiest streets in the city as it is filled with different restaurants, shops, and hotels and also the place where the famous Sunday Market is held. The street was extra festive as it was decorated with lanterns for Chinese New Year but it's still picture-esque other times of the year!

jalan gaya kota kinabalu sabah malaysia chinese new year
sabah kota kinabalu malaysia chinese new year lanterns
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2) Todak Waterfront & Hawker Center

 When the days are clear and the sun shines bright (which is almost every day basically) the view from the waterfront is absolutely breathtaking whether it be in the middle of the day or right before sunset. There's even a swordfish around (no photo this time) and those popular LOVE and I <3 KK signs for a perfect photo opportunity!

kota kinabalu sabah malaysiamarket groceries asia malaysia sabah kota kinabalukota kinabalu sabah malaysia dress

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3) Street Art Graffiti Building

The past two times I have been to Kota Kinabalu, I was able to walk to the Street Art Graffiti Building from my hotel. It's on the way to Suria Mall and Jesselton Point and is a rundown building left with remnants of local art. The art has changed over time but the place is still a cool place to check out!

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Street art malaysia sabah borneo

3) Side Alleys w/ Street Art

When you're walking in the city, you can see a ton of cool murals tagged on the walls of buildings and what not. This one was one of my favorites (and one of the few times a car wasn't parked in front of it!) as it is brightly colored and was just around the corner from my Uncle's cafe. There are tons throughout the city and a chance to capture them is a must!

gaya street jalan gaya sabah malasyia borneo street art
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4) Tanjung Aru

I absolutely love this beach and if you have a chance to stop by the Shangri-La's Tanjung Aru Resort & Spa (not even as a hotel guest since you can walk in and enjoy the food and scenery there), I'd highly recommend it! I've witnessed one of the best sunsets at this location and the environment and surroundings are breathtaking. There wasn't enough time during my recent visit to go to the other side at night where there's a market by the beach that's open to the public filled with all sorts of good food. I'd highly recommend their chicken wings!

Sabah malaysia kota kinabalu
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malaysia kota kinabalu sunset sabah borneo
beach kota kinabalu malaysia sabah
malaysia kota kinabalu sabah borneo resort

5) Nexus Resort & Spa Karambunai

Another resort we stopped by was a bit further out of the city called Nexus Resort. We came here twice: the first time to take family photos for CNY and then again when my brother and cousin played golf and everyone else had a pool day. The beach right behind was one of the nicest I've ever been on with warm, soft sand and warm ocean waters. Their pool area was really scenic as well with different sides of different water levels, a pool bar (closed of course! ugh), and palm trees all around.

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Cotton On red ootd dress malaysia kota kinabalusabah kota kinabalu beach palm trees malaysia
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6) Signal Hill Observatory Tower

This is a tourist spot my uncle likes to take everyone because you can see all of Gaya street and more from this location. My favorite time to see the city though is at night when all the lights are on.

7) Kokol Hill

Here's another location my uncle brought us to see an even bigger view of the entire city. This is up higher on the hills where the climate is way more comfortable and not hot at all. You can pull off to the side of the road to see different angles of the city or take a stop at the resort, Kokol Haven Resort, for a bite to eat.

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Sabah Malaysia Kota Kinabalu mountain

8) Pulau Sapi

You can't go to tropical place and NOT go to the beach. The islands surrounding Kota Kinabalu are absolutely gorgeous (though tourist filled at times) with the most pristine and clear blue waters where you easily see different types of fish swimming by! You can easily get there by a fun ferry/boat ride form Jesselton Point and pick your island destination. On a calm wind, warm weather day, the islands can't be beat.

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Island Kota Kinabalu tropical vacation malaysia sabah borneoIsland Kota Kinabalu tropical vacation malaysia sabah borneo outfit

9) Jesselton Point

I probably should've introduced this one before the island above, but oh well, hah. Jesselton Point is another tourist destination and the place to go to if you want to have a beach day out at the islands. It offers a beautiful view of the islands beyond and has a few bars and food stands for you to enjoy. A must for a hot day is definitely ice cream!

ferry terminal malaysia sabah borneo
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10) Nabalu Kundasang - View of Mount Kinabalu (Bonus)

This last one isn't quite in K.K. but is the midway point to see Mount Kinabalu. It offers a nice view of the mountain the city is named after along with THE BEST PINEAPPLES YOU WILL EVER EAT! It's a certain type called 'Nanas Josephinas' (I believe) and makes you not want to eat any other pineapple after you try it. It's hard to catch the mountain without the clouds and fog in the way but it gives it a nice ethereal and calming feel to it.
Malaysia Sabah borneo

And there you go! My top 10 favorite places for photos in Kota Kinabalu! Of course, there are many more places in this city that are picture-esque and some of that I haven't even been to (like the K.K. City Mosque) but these are actual places I went to during my 2-week stay here. 

If you've been to this city, let me know! I'd love to know what you think about it and maybe a few of your favorite spots. Until next time, ✌

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