Toulouse Petit: Breakfast Happy Hour

One of the best places I've eaten in Seattle is at Toulouse Petit located in Queen Anne. I've been there for their breakfast and Late night Happy Hour more than once and I will continue to go back!
They are rated one of the Top 10 Happy Hours in the nation and same along the restaurant category.
I haven't talked about this place before so I figured now would be the perfect time!

World Assort Kit Kat: Orange and Hazelnut

Today's goodie post is on this new Nestle Kit Kat World Assort(ment) from Japan that features two flavors: Orange and Hazelnut.

Kimura Drink, Ginger Ale Wasabi -- review

I'm a sucker for any type of flavored sodas, especially if they're the cool Japanese ones. The other day I picked up a couple of these different flavored sodas and today i'll be reviewing the Ginger Ale Wasabi.
The initial taste is that of a typical ginger ale, but with a stronger ginger flavor. Then the wasabi flavor comes at the end in the after taste, creating and even spicier flavor.
I have to say I did enjoy this. The packaging and the flavor profile really had me intrigued.
The only down side was the price since it was costly at $3.49 for only 240ml. However, if you take into account the fact that it is imported from Japan, has an unique flavor, and is in a glass bottle, then overall it is worth it to at least try!
Read more about these flavored drinks HERE. Be sure to also check out your local Japanese grocery store, or even perhaps a World Market to see if you could try it out !

Morinaga Japanese Hi-Chew in Haskap Berry

Apparently, this is a flavor only made in Hokkaido, Japan (I believe). 
This Haskap berry (not quite sure how to explain it, but there's also aronia berry in it) hi-chew has a tropical berry from a starburst type of flavor to it.
As with most Hi-Chews, more so the ones made in Japan, not Taiwan, the flavor and texture is what wins most people over. It's the perfect amount of chewiness without being too tacky.

A short review, but I received this as a little gift. If you're ever in Japan, more so the Hokkaido area or know someone going there, maybe you may be lucky and you or your friend can pick it up for you!

Urban Decay's Lip Love in Stung-Swatch + Review

I wanted to review this Urban Decay product mainly to show off the 'honey' aspect of it! I bought this off of Hautelook a while ago and this quickly caught my eye becauese a) It was half off so $6.00, b) it was purple (and i'm obsessed will all things purple) and c) it was infused with honey!

The Kid-Air Griffey Max 1 "Home Run Derby"

One of my favorite baseball players of all time would have to be Ken Griffey Jr., aka Junior aka The Kid, especially when he played for the Seattle Mariners. I may also be bias and like him more because we share the same birthday >.<

This outfit was inspired by the Nike Air Max shoes that he came out with along with Seattle-esque colors also dubbed the Air Griffey Max 1 "Home Run Derby."

Sitka & Spruce: Father's Day Dinner--Review

Yesterday for Father's day, my family and I went to Sitka & Spruce located in Seattle's Capitol Hill.

Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale June 2013: Haul!

This past Tuesday was the start of the Victoria's Secret Semi-Annual Sale. Whenever this comes along, I get really excited, since I have a bad obsession of buying undergarments >.< .
I just wanted to show you guys the type of items on sale. Links will be provided below for what I can find on their site, though most of the stuff I found aren't online anymore (only similar items). Also, most of the stuff I found at the store was cheaper than some pricing online! So i'd advise checking out your local VS store first!

Awaokoshi: Japanese Puffed Rice candy

My mom's friend came back from Japan a couple of weaks ago and brought us some goodies!
This first one i'm featuring is Awaokoshi-a Japanese puffed rice snack that is sweetened.

RTN Uwaji's June Foodtruck Round up

This past weekend, I attended the Renton Uwajimaya June Foodtruck Round Up. The rise of the Mobile foodtrucks have been growing popular in the greater Seattle area over the past couple of years and I was able to try two new trucks that I haven't had before.

Athena's food truck

Athena's was the first place I went and their truck was really cool! They had I believe Triton, messenger of the Sea and a Greek warrior (sorry I don't know who it is! Achilles maybe?) painted on the side of their truck. It really caught my eye. I had their Lamb Gyro.
It was fairly big and cost $8.00. The lamb part wasn't what I was used to (usually the sliced salted and soft lamb I usually have in other gyros). This was more like straight up lamb with not much seasoning and ha a little chew to it. I didn't mind it since the feta and olives gave it complimentary flavor. Overall, I was pleased.
You can check out Athena's info HERE.

One of my friends had a shrimp po'boy from Jemil's Big Easy, Cajun/Creole food, and I had some of hers. It was absolutely amazing! The dressing/sauce that they put in it really blended well with shrimp which was nice and crunch on the outside, and moist inside. I loved that they used the french bread with it. The texture and mild flavor of the bread paired nicely with the shrimp. Check out Jemil's HERE.

Lastly, since I was craving something sweet, I went over to Street Treats, which features a 'build-your-own ice cream sandwhich! I picked the snickerdoodle cookie to match with the Toasted coconut ice cream! This was absolutely delicious and was a pretty generous portion for a gourmet dessert. It cost me $5.00. The only downside is that the ice cream did melt before I could finish the cookie so it became a little messy.
Check out their stuff HERE.


Every Burger, Chocolate Cookie Snack: Review

My goodies review today will be on this ever so popular 'Every Burger" which is basically a cookie snack with chocolate that is shaped into burgers.

Current Beauty Favorites-End of Spring 2013

With summer coming up and the weather becoming nicer here, I wanted to show you some of my favorite products i've been using to prep my skin for the summer time as well as my current go-to products.
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End of Spring Sales: Urban Outfitters, Pac Sun & More Haul

Over the past month I've been hitting up sales on most of these places to find some deals and I was able to score some!

OOTD: Geometric Abstract Blues

Seattle has been having some nice sunny days so I thought'd i'd take this opportunity to wear this light flowing Mimi Chica hi-low dress!

Almay Color+Care Liquid Lip Balm in #500 Pink Pout: Swatch + Review

I went to Target the other day and noticed this semi new product from Almay. (I say semi because I've never seen it before and the display said it was a 'new item') I don't have any Almay products at all and I figured since  I had a $4 off coupon to use on an Almay product, I figured it would be a good time to try out something from their brand, so of course, I picked up this lip product.

Peyrassol: A place for relaxation--Restaurant Review

Yesterday, I had a wonderful Mother/Daughter dinner date with my mom that was followed with shopping.
We went to one of our local favorites, Peyrassol-Cafe at Southport located by Gene Coulon Park in Renton, Washington.
The service is always wonderful and the food is always delicious. I finally now have the chance to write a full review of the place (and probably more to come as I try their other dishes)
Check out their menu and other info HERE (note that the website is not updated for their current menu)

OOTN: Black and Purple feat. Purple laced sneakers

Went out last Saturday night to celebrate my friend's 25th birthday. We were going to this pool hall/bowling alley, low-key chill place, so I decided to keep the outfit comfortable too with a hint of statement.

Link's Shadow -- The Legend of Zelda in real life

Since I'm a huge Legend of Zelda freak when it comes to the series, i'm definitely geeking out right now as I just saw this real life action film on YouTube by Corridor Digital.
The only downside to it I would have to say is the guy who plays Link, I wish he looked...different? And had a better wig since i'm pretty sure you can see is natural dark brown hair underneath from the back.

Other than that watch and enjoy!

Green Tea/Matcha Pocky-Review

I have a green tea/matcha obsession when it comes to anything sweet like green tea kit kats, or cookies. Today's post features these Matcha (green tea powder) cream Pocky sticks from the brand Glico.
I bought it for $2.79 and there may still be some left at your local Japanese grocery store, but if not, it's HERE (for a way higher price) on

NOTD: OPI's La Paz-itively Hot Swatch + Review

This past weekend in Seattle was the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure and I was unable to go attend, however, my mother did and when she got back she brought back a few goodies. One of them was this beautiful bright pink nail polish from OPI called La-Paz-Itively.
natural lighting. I added a top coat on top and the angle made it look very glossy, which I do like.

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