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*This post is not sponsored but the meal was provided by Local 360 Vegan. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own.

Today's post is SUPER exciting. I am a big fan of tasting menus and this one is even better because if features a vegan menu. Not only that, one of the chef's/bakers there is someone I met on Instagram over 3 years ago and her and her husband worked to open Local 350 Vegan. When she reached out to me to enjoy a tasting here, I definitely had to try it out (Chef Tanya is an AMAZING baker).

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The concept at Local 360 is truly special - they only use ingredients sourced no further than 360 miles away from Seattle. This helps showcase what the PNW has to offer with a culmination of fruits, veggies, grains, and more. The ambiance was great-there is definitely a rustic, ethereal vibe to this space, especially as it turns into dusk.

Below is the menu and a look at the courses we had:
Seattle foodie blogger kfclovesyou belltown
Seattle foodie blogger kfclovesyou belltown
Pictured above are the Kale Chips, Watermelon Gazpacho, and Wild Mushroom Mousse with fresh baked foccacia, and a side salad. 

  • The Kale Chips were baked just right and heavily oiled with salt for a very nice simple taste and texture. I definitely enjoyed the whole Kale leaf vs. how you may get them broken up or crumbled in a chip bag. 
  • The Watermelon Gazpacho was absolutely refreshing and so full of flavor. The use of fruits, tomatoes, edible flowers, and pea vines added such a nice variety of texture and flavor. This was one of my favorites for sure (and how pretty is the plating, or all the silverware for that matter!?).
  •  Another favorite course was the Wild Mushroom Mousse. If you didn't tell me this was vegan, I would've never guessed it! It tastes like a delicious pate, but just a bit creamier and smoother. The cooked cherries on top just added a nice sweet layer of flavor. Dipping the fresh baked foccacia was a game changer. 

This beauty here is the Almond Cheese Tartine, or an adult version of the classic PB&J. This was elevated to a whole other level starting from the presentation all the way down to the taste of the almond butter and the blueberry compote and the perfect crunchiness of the baguette. 
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Another sweet treat I want to share is the Vegan French Macaron. It's vegan because they used aquafaba aka the water from chicpeas whipped to the consistency similar to that off eggwhites! Apparently it's a finicky ingredient but these turned out so great!

My dining experience was so amazing that I went back a few weeks later to treat my family out and there were already some new items on the menu!
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  • Roasted summer squash and caramelized peaches: I'm not a big fan of squash in general but the preparation of these with the peaches made it more than bearable. This was an excellent example of fruit and veggies paired together.
  • Peach crumble: This a nice and warm pre-dessert that was very comforting. It was reminiscent of a peach cobbler but not overly sweet in anyway.
  • Pavlova made with huckleberries: This was another dish that utilized aquafaba and it tasted just like real meringue. The sweet crunch pavlova paired with the slightly tart huckleberries was a perfect compliment.
  • Corn soup w/ blistered cherry tomatoes: My favorite dish of the night by far! I'm a huge fan of sweet corn and the way they turned it into a creamy soup base with the cherries was amazing. They also paired some pea vines in it which added a nice depth of flavor.

My experience here both times was nothing short of amazing. I would also recommend the wine pairing (split!) for a great deal at an added $20 or their mixed drinks as well. As a very heavily meat/seafood lover, like myself, I thoroughly enjoyed myself and this vegan tasting experience. I did not miss the meat/seafood and was very full after everything was served. I also really appreciate the fact that they're not a place that tries to make something veggies/fruits ar not (like fake meats, etc.). Not that I don't like those since I do love places that serve them, but enjoying the veggies and fruits as they are was a refreshing experience. I am definitely going back not only to support local (and my friend), but because I thoroughly enjoyed the food and can't wait to see what they do as the seasons change.

Check out their website HERE to book and their INSTAGRAM!

Are you a fan of vegan food? Would you try a vegan tasting experience?


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