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Go Mariners

I was inspired by Fanatics.com to create a 'Sports Luxe' look and I wanted to my feature my favorite baseball team. I created a look featuring one of their MLB Hats from their site and of course I chose my home team, the Seattle Mariners.  Click the link below for more details on this Seattle Mariners inspired, game day outfit.


It's been awhile since I've done a beauty post and an empties one at that (sorry!) but I finally took some time to get this one up here. I've certainly gone through more items from over half a year ago, but sadly, I did not save all the garbage! Haha. Here's a look at my first empties post for 2015.


More food, more food adventures. Today's post will feature the spot my friends and I went to after we went to the new Starbucks Reserve Roastery & Tasting Room. We were hungry and have always wanted to check out Tilikum Place Café and their popular Dutch Babies.


Last Monday (MLK day), I finally had a chance to check out the new Starbucks Reserve located in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. This place newly launched last December and I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I didn't want to ruin too much for me.


This past weekend, my friend and I decided to try out this Japanese restaurant located in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. Suika (Japanese for watermelon) offers a variety of fusion inspired foods with an interesting twist. This spot is hard to miss since it is basically a hole-in-the-wall and there aren't major signs outside indicating its location. However, the inside is nice and cozy featuring a cool collage of old video games and a chandelier made of used sake bottles.

Playlist #3: Happy Sexy Vibes

These songs not only give off a little bit of sexiness to them but they also have give off some happy vibes. They're not overly fast paced or too animated. Some are new, some are old, but these songs have been on my repeat list and thought it was time to share! I definitely like flowing/dancing to the top 3 the most =))

1) The Weeknd _ Earned it

SNACK REVIEW: Grilled Corn flavored Japanese Cheetos

Today's snack post features this grilled corn flavored Cheetos I came across. I think it is a sweet grilled corn w/ butter, but since I can't read Japanese, I'm not 100% sure!

RECIPE: Spaghetti Squash Shrimp Salad - Vietnamese Style


I want to incorporate more of my favorite recipes into my blog so I will be doing that today! Today's post features this salad recipe my mom and I made awhile back for part of our Christmas dinner meal. We do the usual 'American' dishes (mashed potatoes, turkey, roast, stuffing, etc.) but we always add a little extra something special to the mix! This recipe is a Spaghetti Squash Salad with shrimp and a Vietnamese fish sauce style dressing. If you're a fan of Vietnamese food, check out the recipe after the jump!


Exactly one year ago, I took my first ever pole dancing class at Pole Fitness Seattle and the rest is history. I saw the studio on Groupon with a deal and decided to try it, all on my own. It was probably the first activities I tried going to without a friend and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made. After my first Intro class, I had two instructors dance for my class, Emily (PFS owner) and Maggie (teacher in training) and my jaw literally dropped and that's when I thought, "I want to do that, and I want to be able to make other's react to me in that way" and from then, I was instantly hooked.

My progress of the year has been exponential and there's still a lot of room for me to grow.
Here's a little breakdown of pole journey thus far:

SWATCH + REVIEW: Maybelline Rebel Bloom Lipsticks in Hibiscus Pop, Lilac Flush, Rose Rush,& Peach Poppy

Today's blog post will be a review on the new (or at least new to me) Maybelline Color Sensational Rebel Bloom lipsticks! I've seen them online but I hadn't seen them in stores until I went to Target last week. Most of them were gone, but I was able to pick up the 4 that were most appealing to me: #715 Hibiscus Pop, #725 Lilac Flush, #735 Rose Rush, and #745 Peach Poppy.



As with most other bloggers and YouTubers out there, I'm here to do my own rendition of the best beauty products to me of 2014! I was able to narrow it down to the items I felt I was consistently reaching for and didn't have to second guess them. Let's take a closer look!


I can't believe that another year has flown past and it is already 2015.
I wanted to get a little personal and touch base on my highest moments of last year.
The most important ''high' for me was discovering pole dancing and all it had to offer. For awhile, I didn't tell many people due to the stigma that can be attached with it, but in the end, I didn't care anymore about what people thought.
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