LOOK chocolate: Matcha Parfait and Matcha Azuki

Japan's Fujiya brand has a "Look" branch of chocolate, featuring different flavors.

This one I picked up features Matcha aka green tea powder and Azuki-red bean..

Small Lush Haul

Went to Lush to see if they had anymore Halloween stuff. Unfortunately, they ran out of the pumpkin soap bar =( buttt I was able to pick up some other goodies.

Ume + Salt = Lovely combo

Again with whole sweet and salty trend, but this flavor combo has actually been around. Ume also known as plum, has been a favorite of mines in all forms: candy, drinks, dried and preserved, umeboshi, etc.

This Ume and salt candy combo is very similar to what is known as men's ume candy due to the more salty flavor rather than sweet.


Salt Candy: Kind of odd but really good

These Renkon chips are sneaky!

So sampling out these Renkon/Lotus root chips today and from the bag and not reading anything on it, I really thought they would be a sweet coated dried renkon chip.

Fall is here: OOTD post

Excuse the dirty mirror, its my bro's since I don't have one in my room.
Still get to wear shorts in fall time though !

Baby star noodle crackers

If anybody remembers these noodle cracker snack things and live in the U.S. (specifically Seattle) then you know how much you probably miss them because they're no longer allowed into the US! So sad...

Uni a la carte. Sort of.

One of the simplest and easiest ways I like to prepare my uni/sea urchin is like this...

The Phenomenom that is Psy!

I think the video speaks for itself! It must be so live to be there, that crowd is ridiculous. And of course in Korea everybody knows the lyrics to his oh so popular 'Gangnam Style'. And he takes his shirt off.

Uni shot !

One way I like to eat my Uni/Sea Urchin

Zaku Zaku Jaries Soda Gum

I guess I should've read the back label (english part) that siad this was gum because I wasn't expecting it to be. This Zaku Zaku soda gum, basically a ramune flavor gum comes in a set of 4 sticks.

Peanut Pocky

So this seasonal Peanut Pocky (get it while you can, especially if you're in the states, I don't think there is going ot be anymore for a while...)...

Smart Sweet Almonds

So, I guess the Japanese confectionary company Meiji has been coming up with different choco covered almond treats. I've tried the original one but not sure what makes this one different besides the packaging saying it is "Smart Sweet."

Chip Chop_Chocolate stuff

So, this Meiji brand new chocolate cookie/candy/snack item was pretty interesting I must say. From the box cover, yo ucan see that it is a triangular shaped chocolate cookie with what seems to be a smoother creamy chocolate inner filling...

Calbee chips: korean cuttlefish flavor

I must say, I've always loved the different flavor chips the calbee brand comes up with but the Hong Kong calbee that came with this one did pretty darn good! Even mi madre liked it and she's a pretty health conscious, doesn't like the junk food type of person...

Royal milk tea #1

One of the best Japanese brand for royal milk teas is Kirin (you might recognize their name for their beer but heir non alcoholic drinks are all pretty good too).

Ice cream cone no ice cream

Giant Caplico

Canadia Part dos!

My little grocery/snack haulage from Canada!
I think for the Asian snacks I'll do full reviews/impressions of them and have more description for them (coming soon)
But for now I'll tell you my favorites!
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