Homemade Dalgona Coffee + Ppopgi

I made a YouTube video! I'm sharing a quick how-to with the ever so popular Dalgona Coffee, but this time with the actual dalgona candy, aka ppopgi aka honeycomb candy. I made the candy by hand as well and will work on a video to share just that.

ppopgi dalgona coffee flatlay seattle foodie blogger kfclovesyou kirstie chan
ppopgi dalgona coffee flatlay seattle foodie blogger kfclovesyou kirstie chan

Ingredient list:

2 tablespoons of instant coffee (make sure it doesn't have the added sugar or creamer, it won't work!)
2 tablespoons of granulated sugar (you can add a little less, but it will take longer to get whipped)
2 tablespoons of hot water
1 cupful of ice
1 cup of milk or any milk substitute


  1. In a large bowl, add the instant coffee, sugar, and hot water together. With a whisk, beater, frother (I'd recommend an electric one), start combining and mixing together. It can take up to 5 to 8 minutes for it to get to a light and fluffy consistency. Once nice and fluffy, set aside.
  2. In a cup (glass preferred), fill it up with ice.
  3. Pour until around 3/4 fill
  4. Add the whipped coffee mixture and top with dalgona (honeycomb candy)
  5. Take your photos and then mix together when you're ready to drink!

Have you tried this popular drink trend yet? Do you like it? Let me know!


8 Popular Indoor Photoshoot Ideas

seattle blogger in home photoshoot during quarantine8
Happy Friday! I've done my fair share of scrolling on my phone during quarantine and I've found tons of inspiration online for indoor photoshoot ideas with most items you may already have at home. I've condensed it down to my top 8 favorites and some of the most popular ones I've seen on my feeds. If you're looking for something to do this weekend or need to create content for the week, continue reading below!

Clothing rack/closet

This works for both a closet or clothing rack. Organize and fill it with your favorite pieces, stand or sit in front of it (or peek through) and snap away! Another good way to do this is to hang your clothes the molding of your door frame or even if you have a bathroom curtain rod.

Couch or chair

Kirstie chan seattle blogger upside down on couch with gaming pillows xbox moogle kirby

Whether you sit upright, upside down, stand on it, or are laying down, there are many options for a fun shoot here. Play around with different arms and leg shapes, add pillows, blankets or anything else you have around.

Stuffed animals or pillows

Whether you're like me and love all the cute things, have fun shaped pillows, or seasonal themed throw pillows, whatever puffy thing you may have, it makes for a great prop. Toss them in the air, stack them, lay on them, pair them with your couch (above) or display them for a fun photoshoot idea.


kirstie chan seattle blogger popular home photoshoot ideas

Take it indoors or out, a mirror is a fun way to take photos. It's a bit difficult to try to get someone to take it (or even yourself) without seeing the camera in it, but selfies work too! If you want to make it a little extra special, use a sticker app like PicsArt to give it a lift!


kirstie chan at home photoshoot ideas

From Harry Potter to Game of Thrones, or books from school or recipe books, whatever you have around your home can be used as a prop! I set mines up and used PicsArt to give it a magical feel, but you could also set books up on a table and using them as props, or laying down 'reading the book'. It makes for a fun prop with tons of potential to create a whole array of content.

Magazines (or newspapers)

kirstie chan seattle blogger at home idea for photos
This one takes a bit of time but is one of my favorites and totally worth it! I had to ask my mom and my boyfriend's mom for magazines to use and love how it turned out. We randomly selected images with a focus on food/nature/minimal words. For newspapers, it's a little easier but the concept is the same: collect your articles, tape them together, tape/tack them on, and snap away =)

Food/ice cream

kirstie chan seattle blogger photos at home inside
This one is a favorite because food is involved, hehe. Here I have two different shoots in front of a blank wall. One with ice cream from @mollmoonicecream, and one with ice cream macarons from @Macadons, both in front of a blank space. To give it something extra, I used PicsArt again. This works for any edible items you have at home. I've seen people utilize fruit and color coordinated their outfits, to using food as an hair/makeup accessory, to throwing it up in the air like confetti.

Flowers/fake flowers

Seattle blogger at home photoshoot ideas during quarantine.

Last but not least we have the use of flowers as a prop for an indoor photoshoot! Whether you have some growing in your yard, an indoor plant, fake flowers, or pluck one or two from the neighbors (or maybe not, haha),  change your outfit and use the same flowers and have fun with different poses. You can also use one, or all if you have a bouquet. Put them in your hair, tuck them in your shoes or pants; get creative with it!

And that's it! 8 of my favorite popular indoor photoshoot ideas. I hope this inspires you to be creative and have some fun over the weekend.

Do you have other indoor photoshoot ideas? What are your favorites? I'd love to hear!


Sephora Spring 2020 Sale | My top picks and recommendations

beauty products to shop for Seattle Blogger Kfclovesyoyu
It's that time of year again for the highly anticipated VIB sale at Sephora. Since most of us are hunkered down at home I know for myself I have been spending less and maybe not taking the best care of my skin, or just feeling less motivated. Each year I look forward to this sale, but this year I am even more enthusiastic about. It's nice to treat yourself to sometimes and I'm taking this sale as an opportunity to do just that. Today I'll be sharing my top picks based off of products I have bough previously along with some recommendations including products I plan to buy this time around!
Beauty product display with items for Sephora

Beauty product display with items for Sephora


Beauty product display with items for Sephora

Beauty product display with items for Sephora
You cannot go wrong with purchasing skincare sets, especially if you have wanting to try a particular brand for some time. This is a great way to try products as well as get a good sampling of how it can react to your skin type without committing to a full size. I have found many favorite products this way. I also continue to purchase these travel/mini sizes so I can try out more products since the they tend to last me well over  a month.

These sets are items I purchased in the past and some I still am using to this day that I HIGHLY recommend. These brands are some of my favorites and I find some of the best value in their sets. I also love the Sephora favorites when it comes to travel size products since you tend to get more:

These are items that I recommend based off of trying the brand previously and have on my wishlist and definite repurchases. I love the Drunk Elephant products and have been eying on trying more. Same goes with Glow Recipe - this is a great way to try more products for them. I'm new to Herbivore and haven't tried their skincare products. This set looks great so adding this to my list of recommendations:

Last recommendations in skincare are products that I have recently been loving currently. I use these products almost daily and my skin and lips  :


Beauty product display with items for Sephora
Beauty product display with items for Sephora
I don't wear a ton of makeup, but I do love a pretty palette, a good highlighters, and of course, lipsticks! These products I wouldn't normally purchase at full price, or I can't quite justify since I don't wear as much, but I do like to take advantage of a product here or there. These are a few items I love that I have purchased over a few of these sales that I would highly recommend!

Here's some items that I have eyed or treat more as 'would be nice to have'. I definitely don't need these products, but I am loving these colors. Some I've been eying for more than a few years and still haven't pulled the trigger on, so who knows, maybe this is the year:


Beauty product display with items for Sephora

Beauty product display with items for Sephora
Perfume is another product I highly recommend to purchase since they are definitely pricier and is a product that lasts for a while. My favorite brand of all time is Jo Malone and I would definitely recommend picking a few scents from them. Since we can't try on fragrances in stores and test scents, this brand is very true to the scent, are very simple, and you can't go wrong with their range and scent combinations. I am also a big fan of Fresh perfumes and enjoy their range as well. Below are some all time favorites from the brands above along with a few others including some mini sets as well:

Other products

Other items I would consider to purchase during the sale are beauty tools such as make-up brushes or sponges, hair tools, facial gadgets, and more since they're usually pricier, and you can save on items you need to replace, or add to your repertoire.

These are my top picks and recommendations for this Spring 2020 Sephora VIB sale. The sale started already for Rouge members, and for VIB - sale starts tomorrow, April 21, and Beauty Insiders start on the 23rd with different savings point. See below:
Are you going to shop the sale this year? What are your top pics?


How to make your conference calls more fun from home? Use a filter!

Happy Tuesday! Here's a quick post for all my WFH conference call takers out there on Teams, Zoom, or any other conference call platform; I've got a quick fun way to turn your chats a bit more fun!
Potat filter on laptop in conference call on Teams

What you'll need to do:

1. Download the Snap Camera app (you don't need a Snapchat account)
2. Close your conferencing app if it is open
3. Open Snap Camera, select a filter - your camera will be on at this time automatically where you'll be able to see and select your filters.
4. Open your conferencing app, start your call and start chatting away! Your filter will already be applied and you'll appear as (potato, pineapple, corgi, etc.) whatever you desire on your call!

Have fun!

Working From Home during a crisis | 9 Tips to stay motivated

Image using picsart seattle blogger totoro
totoro bed with laptop and flowers
*Content and title edited for clarity*

Hey everyone, hope everyone is staying safe and healthy during these difficult times. I know many small businesses, restaurants, artists, beauticians, hair stylists, and so much more are affected at this time and I encourage anyone who is able, to help support your local businesses. I'm thankful to be able to have a job that allows me to work from home and I wanted to share today's post in hope that it helps or provides inspiration to at least one person out there. Since I have been working exclusively from home for the past few weeks due to COVID-19 and being in quarantine, I've noticed a few things that I wanted to share to maybe help you get through your typical work week and what helps me stay motivated.

1. Get ready for the day, wash your hands and face (and if you're usually morning shower person, incorporate that as well). Change for the day, whether it's something comfy and cute or actually dressing up as if you would be going to work, this can help you get into the work mindset. Even though you won't be going out to work in an office, or meeting people in-person, you may have calls or even just create some normalcy for yourself. It's easy to get stuck in your PJs right when you wake up and for me, this definitely helps me feel more motivated and productive. Sometimes, this also never happens and that's okay! On the days where I have less calls that others, I'm in sweats all day long.

2. Set up a space dedicated to working. If you have a home office, you have this covered, but maybe if you haven't organized it, now's the time to clean it up so you can use it in its full function instead of having an additional storage room. If you don't have a separate room for an office, create a small dedicated area in your room or space. If your spacing is limited and you have to use your dining table or even your bed, try to add something to it while you work so it feels like a working space.
totoro bed with spring flowers working from home

3. Stick to a schedule, continue a routine. It's easy to get up right away and log on to your computer and start working, and sometimes you are spending more time than what is probably healthy for you both mentally as well as physically (eye strain, etc.). Especially those with kids (I do not have children but have friends and coworkers who do), this is important to balance out your day, more so if you are handling everything on your own. Try to change it up so you don't get too bored with the same routine every day. Maybe workout on Monday and Wednesday mornings in your living room, and on Tuesday and Thursday evenings go for a walk around the neighborhood after you log off, and Friday lunch calls with your besties. Whatever it may be, try to stick to it as much as you would any other time just to keep things feeling as normal as possible. This can change weekly or even daily. It's just something I found that helped me not lose track of my days/time. But of course, sometimes schedules just don't work and you just have to take it one day at a time. Things happen and it's okay to let yourself not be in sync on the daily.
Image of a daily schedule for working from home

4. Don't forget to breaks/lunch when you need, even reminders to get up and walk around and stretch. There's no next meeting to walk to, or time to consider to for commuting so it's easy to get stuck inside at home and let the day pass by without getting up. If you do decide to venture for a break/lunch, remember to practice social distancing and be as efficient, quick, and contact-free to get what you need.

5. Log off completely during your breaks. Ideally, try not to bring your phone with you or at least un-sync notifications, and put your Away/BRB status on so you can have that time for yourself. It's a bad habit of mine to be 'online' all the time, and takes time to work on, but you'll still be on later to see what you may miss. If your job however requires different availability or urgency, this won't apply to you, or maybe only be completely off for shorter breaks.

6. Organize your inbox and desktop. I don't know about you, but both my personal and work laptops/inboxes aren't the most organized. If you are in a lull during work or in a holding pattern, now is the perfect time to organize your inbox, desktops, hard drives, etc. Whether it's deleting files you don't need, organizing your folders, or moving files from you desktop into hard drives, this will help for when things will eventually pick back up and that will help you stay on top of things.

7. Sharpen up one or more skills. Depending on your field of work, I truly believe there is always something new to learn. Whether it is honing your skills in Photoshop/InDesign, or even becoming a pivot table master in Excel, there are many of free tutorials online that can help you sharpen what you already know and potentially grow your own skillset by learning something new. This is not a necessity and some people don't have the time to do so. But for those with that extra time, no kids or family to take care, this a positive that can come from this negative period.

8. Snack when you can, but try to lessen the sweets and snack on healthy items like vegetables, nuts, yogurt, and really anything with less sugar. It's easy to just munch away while your stuck at home ( I admit, I tend to snack a lot when I have extra time on my hand.)

9. Schedule calls with colleagues to keep in touch, even if it isn't completely work related and try to take calls with your webcam. Since we are all at home, its important to have human interaction, especially if you have no room/house mates or pets. Lunch calls are perfect for this.
totoro bed with spring flowers drinking tea
I hope these tips help you work from home, especially as most of us are bunkered down for a long while. As always, take breaks when you can and be sure to keep yourself safe and healthy! Remember to be kind to yourself. These times are unprecedented and you can follow as many or none of these. At the end of the day, you do what you need to do that's best for yourself and your family.

Much love to you all =)

- Kirstie

Seattle Selfie Museum | My experience + Was it worth it?

Last month, I had the chance to visit the Seattle Selfie Museum located right below Pike Place Market, past the infamous Gum Wall Alley. I was able to purchase tickets ($29/person) ahead of time online to secure my spot for a Sunday morning slot at 11AM. We got there early (drove to Chinatown and took the Light Rail to avoid parking) and ate around the market before making our way to the 'museum'.
Seattle Selfie Museum in pike place market washing machine
I wouldn't call this so much a 'museum' but more so an immersive photo exhibit, lolz. By the time we walked to the museum, there was already a few people there inside taking of course, photos. Unless you bring a selfie-stick, it is more difficult to take selfies. This is a place you're going to see people taking photos of others. This place is DEFINITELY catered for the IG photo op lovers - the crowd is fairly young and mostly all female with friends or with their significant others, hehe, helping take their photos. There are about 20+ or so 'exhibits' for you to take a range of photos including two floors and a staircase. Some of the 'exhibits', if you will are solid in color, some more interactive. We didn't have to wait long for the ones where people where waiting in line, and the earlier time slot made it seem less crowded (around 30 minutes later, it got busier with a lot more people).

First floor

downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion
downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion kfclovesyou
downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion kfclovesyou
downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion kfclovesyou
downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion kfclovesyou
Pink ball bit at the Seattle Selfie Museum



Second floor

downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion kfclovesyou
Smiling on the Banana Swing in Pike Place Seattle Downtown's Selfie Museum
Glowball mirror room at the Seattle Selfie Museum downtown Pike place
downtown pike place market gum alley selfie seattle blogger fashion kfclovesyou
Bath ball pit at the Seattle Selfie Museum in downtown Pike Place Market
Overall, I did enjoy my time there, even though it did feel a bit gimmicky. We probably spent no more than 45 minutes there and took way too many photos, haha. I think if you're into taking photos or want something fun do get into with a small group, then this would be fun. It does seem a bit pricey (especially compared to some of the exhibits/museums actually in the city) for what it is, but I can understand the appeal of it. Check out @SeattleSelfieMuseum for more info and to see some other images people have posted here! You can definitely get some cool shots, and this place gives you that opportunity do that if you're into it. 

And as always, during this time of COVID-19, don't go if you are sick or have symptoms. And if you do have a sneeze or tickle in your throat, remember to cover your mouth and wash your hands. Bring some hand sanitizer with you so after you touch and lay in all the things, you can at least make sure your hands are clean. I'm pretty sure I saw hand sanitizer there when I went in mid-February, and you can bet that now in March they'll have a lot of it around for you to use.

Have you been to here or somewhere similar? What did you think of it?


14 Places to enjoy a Valentine's Day meal | Seattle 2020

Happy happy February! I'm excited to have another blot post up (yay!), and to be sharing another year of restaurant recommendations to take your Valentine! There's a range of cuisines, price points, and locations throughout the Seattle area. Some of these also have a special Valentine's Day menu that I'll link if available, but I'll also be sharing some of my favorites from these places and suggestions! These places I would also recommend any other time, not just for V-day, for a date night - check them out below!

Broadway/Capitol Hill

seattle fashion food blogger ootd
fashion food seattle broadway blogger
1. Altura - I had the pleasure of eating here last year and it is one of my favorite tasting menus in this area! The use of seasonal ingredients is superb as everything is prepared with care leaving you with an incredible dining experience. You start off with a wide variety of Stuzzichini, small bites, before diving right into your main courses. This is an excellent place to take your significant other if you're looking to spend a good few hours enjoying each other's company over amazing food. Since everything is pre-selected, you don't have to worry about choosing what to eat, plus they also have a wine and non-alcoholic drink pairing as well!

2. Spinasse - If you're looking for a feel good, comforting place to dine on delicious Italian food, then this is the spot. The décor makes it feel like a home even with large bar seating and an open view of the kitchen. I would suggest an Aperol Spritz to pair with some appetizers like the Cipollini ripiene, roasted cipollini onions stuffed with beef and pork (yum!) and the Proscuitto di Parma. Maybe grab a salad as well. Then you MUST get the Tajarin con burro e salvia, fine egg noodles with the most simple yet delicious sage butter. You can't go wrong with anything on the menu but this place is wonderful if you're looking to get cozy with your date!

3. Artusi - If you're looking for something a bit more lowkey yet still delicious, then check out Artusi right next door to Spinasse. It's definitely more of a bar and they have a great Pasta Night option (2 pastas and a bottle of wine for $45). Another favorite spot I would recommend any time (even their brunch deals are amazing).
4. Coastal Kitchen - This is still one of my favorite spots on 15th! It's definitely more lively and energetic and the food is great as well. They've got some of the best oysters out there and I love their location changing themed menus (this month is Barcelona). You can't go wrong with their classics or light bites, plus add some oysters for the both of you (hey, Oysters are supposed to be an aphrodisiac, haha), and enjoy a couple of cocktails while you're at it!


5. Bottlehouse - This place is perfect if you're looking for a light meal and just want to get a little personal. Bottlehouse is located in the cute Madrona neighborhood and is in what looks to be an old house. Seating is very intimate and they don't serve liquor or full on meals, but they do have awesome wines and charcuterie boards. I go here with my girl friends everyone now and then and it's still one of my favorite places! Can't wait to go on an actual date here one day, hehe.

6. Vendemmia - If you want more food for your date, then check out Vendemmia, on the same street, just a couple blocks down. They have a great selection of Italian-inspired dishes using locally sourced product whenever they can. Plus, I like their drink menu. This year, they have a Valentine's Day menu you don't want to miss, the best part is that they have starters to share so you won't have to choose that part!

7. Luc - Luc is located in the Madison Valley neighborhood in Seattle and is another favorite area of mines with cute shops and delicious restaurants. It's a French bistro-styled restaurant with a welcoming atmosphere, perfect for date night. They're also doing a Valentine's Day menu with an awesome menu selection for the day. Definitely check them out.

Downtown/Pioneer Square

8. Miller's Guild - If you're looking to get down on with the beef, then check out Miller's Guild. It has a moody (in a good way) feel to it and am impressive live-fired Infierno grill. If you make it here, you should definitely do one of the inferno live fire grilled prime beef steaks. You also can't go wrong with sharing a few of the starter plates and sides like the grilled Spanish octopus, black trumpet mushroom risotto, or good 'ol mashed potatoes to pair with your steak! This is the spot if you're looking to get down and grub with your date!

9. Il Terrazzo Carmine - If you're looking for a romantic and a little bit classy spot for delicious Italian food, then be sure to book your evening here! You'll love this fine dining experience as you eat through your way with some Italian classics and excellent service.

Mount Baker/Columbia City

seattle foodie fashion blogger
seattle mount baker foodie
10. Iconiq -  This is one of my favorite restaurants in the city from it's lovely location on Mount Baker overlooking the Seattle skyline to it's simple décor and open kitchen viewing. Chef here makes my favorite Japanese clam chowder and usually has some excellent seasonal menu items as well. They're serving a special Valentine's Day menu as well so be sure too book while you can since these menu items will only be there for a few days!

11. La Medusa - Another wonderful Italian restaurant located in heart of Columbia City serving local produce and a seasonal Mediterranean menu that is great for a date night. The place is also on the smaller side so book fast if you can! You can't go wrong with pretty much anything on the menu and the home-feel to this restaurant makes it more relaxing for a date.

West Seattle

west seattle food blogger flatlay
12. Little Prague European Bakery & Deli - If you're looking for a quiet, afternoon date, then this little gem in West Seattle is for you. They have savory traditional Czech foods like steamed bread and Moravian roast pork with Saurkraut, savory puff pastries, and my personal favorite, fresh made cream cheese kolaches for a sweet treat! If it isn't raining, taking a walk around the neighborhood after your meal is a great way to continue your date.

Eastside (Bellevue/Kirkland)

bellevue eastside foodie
bellevue east side foode blogger
13. Ascend Prime Steak & Sushi - Whether you're looking for surf or turf, you'll get the best of both here, along with a killer view and modern setting. This is definitely an upscale place with the finest ingredients for both meats and seafood (think A5 Wagyu and Osetra caviar), and some very innovative drinks, and fun dessert. If both you and your date are into a fancier experience, then this is one to check out on the East side.

14. Café Juanita - Here's another favorite of mine I love for their tasting menu. They also offer a Valentine's Day menu which takes the thinking out of it if you're looking for an amazing tasting experience on the East side. If you're looking to try a few things, I can't recommend the Tajarin with Sage butter (add caviar for an extra oomph) and the Octopus.

Looking for more restaurant recommendations for Valentine's Day? Then check out my blog post from last year where I share 7 Greater Seattle Area Restaurants to Take Your Valentine! You've got one week left to go to RSVP. Enjoy!


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