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Last week, I was invited to preview the newest Next Level Burger location in Roosevelt inside Whole Foods. Though I am not vegan/vegetarian, I do enjoy plant-based foods and knew I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to try out their menu! This post comes out just in time for their grand opening, today, Friday, August 25! If you get a chance to check it out, I highly recommend it!
seattle roosevelt vegan vegetarian whole foods
The Animal
seattle roosevelt vegan vegetarian whole foods
Dark Chocolate PB Cup
seattle roosevelt vegan vegetarian whole foods
seattle roosevelt vegan vegetarian whole foods
Avo Citrus Kale
seattle roosevelt vegan vegetarian whole foods
Fries with style - Bleu BBQ
seattle roosevelt vegan vegetarian whole foods
Signature Burger
The event started with unlimited drinks of your choice as they handed out samplers of all the shakes. The shakes were absolutely delicious and I couldn't believe they were dairy free. We chose the coconut soft serve ice cream for the base and my favorites were the Banana and Dark Chocolate PB Cup (pictured above). We had a chance to meet the owner as he explained the story behind Next Level Burger along with his wife and you could feel the passion behind their voice.

Then came time to order all the food we could want! My friend and I tried a few items including the Signature Burger, Avo Citrus Kale Salad, Sautéed Kale, and Fries with Style in the Bleu BBQ topping. The "meat"items aren't meant to be real substitutes in texture and such but just to enjoy in their own texture and flavor. For a vegan burger, these were some of the best I have ever tasted. Everything was so flavorful and the combination of our burger was delicious. I couldn't believe the vegan cheese was not made with dairy. I don't want to spill too much but I will say that you have to try their food out for yourselves! The salad was a bit too tart for my taste and I likely wouldn't get it again. I also didn't care too much for the fries but my friend I brought with me liked them. If I were to recommend anything, it would be the Signature Burger and a coconut soft serve shake. 

Thank you to Next Level Burger and to The Fearey Group for inviting me to this amazing event. I will definitely be back here and have a few vegan/vegetarian/dietary restricted friends I will be bringing along!


Top 5 Current Favorite Ice Cream Spots in Seattle - Summer 2017

For those of you who follow my Instagram, you may (or may not) know that I have the hugest sweet tooth. One of my favorite things to treat myself to of course is... Ice Cream! Yes, I love ice cream and I'm so glad Seattle has stepped up the ice cream game with even more places popping up here and there. I love all the frozen treats and today, I'm sharing my Top 5 Current Favorite Ice Cream Spots in Seattle and why I love them so much Places mentioned are not in any particular order so I've kept them to being alphabetical, haha.

Central District Ice Cream

seattle ice cream sweet tooth
seattle passion orange guava kfclovesyou

1) Central District Ice Cream - New to the Seattle this year, CD Ice Cream is one of my favorite places to go for unique flavors. They bring new flavors out every month (for August they rolled out with old favorites!) and you can sample all of them if you wish! My favorites so far have been Ube Cheesecake x Hood Famous Bakery, Mais Queso, Coconut Curry (am I the only one that liked this one? haha) and Fruity Pebbles! If I'm feeling extra fancy, I'll opt for a macaron ice cream sandwich or better yet, a Unicorn Macaron (by Krystel's Confections!). I love that that they have Asian inspired flavors and that none of the flavors are "typical." I also love that they feature a different local artist almost every week and they even showcase the artwork throughout the store. It has a fun and friendly vibe and is just chill ice cream spot.

Frankie & Jo's

capitol hill seattle ice cream vegan plant based vegetarian
capitol hill seattle ice cream vegan plant based vegetarian

2) Frankie & Jo's - This place serves VEGAN ice cream! It's really hard to find vegan ice cream that is both tasty and creamy but this place does it right! They sprout their own nut milks and their flavors are amazing (salted caramel ash is my favorite and yes it's black ice cream!). They have their regular menu and bring out seasonal flavors as well. One of my seasonal favorites was one called Big Sur (pictured above in the cup). Everyone that I have brought here also can't believe that there is no dairy in the ice cream because of the creamy texture. This place has definitely won my heart and I sometimes prefer the vegan ice cream to dairy ice cream!

Molly Moon's

seattle columbia city ice cream kfclovesyouseattle columbia city ice cream kfclovesyou

3) Molly Moon's - Molly Moon's is an old school favorite and I can't stay away from their Salted Caramel. It's very salty, just the way I like it! There other regular flavors are also done well with a delicious creamy texture and bold flavors. I'm also more excited because they recently opened up their Columbia City location which is way closer to home and saves me a trip to Cap Hill or Madrona! I also look forward to their seasonal flavors too. Some seasonal favorites include Strawberry Pink Peppercorn and Blueberry Cheesecake.

Sugar Plum Seattle

vegan plant based capitol hill kfclovesyou

4) Sugar Plum Seattle - Here's another vegan ice cream spot that I only recently discovered despite the fact that I 'm always in the area. It's located on 15th in Capitol Hill and is in one of my favorite areas. They have a rotating selection of soft serve flavors along with a gourmet array of ice cream flavors such as Avocado Blackberry Cheesecake seen above! I love their flavor combinations and their use of avocado in a lot of their bases.

Sweet Bumpas

orange salted caramel earl grey georgetown seattle

5) Sweet Bumpas - Last but not least is another recent discovery called Sweet Bumpas. I can't believe it took me this long to try out their ice cream but I fell in love the moment I sampled every flavor they had to offer, haha. Their ice cream is rich and creamy and the flavors they offer and very unique, bold, and full of flavor! They make an incredibly delicious Orange Salted Caramel and their Earl Grey is probably the best one I've ever had out of all the ice cream places I've tried that offered this flavor. Their window shop is where the Six Strawberries used to be (ah, makes me sad thinking about it but glad another frozen treat place took over) and they're extremely helpful and friendly!

Honorable Mentions

I also have to give a couple of shout outs/honorable mentions for. First up isn't necessarily "ice cream" but it's a delicious frozen treat! Bambu Seattle offers these amazing shaved ice and my favorite is anything with the shaved cheesecake ice. It's not the typical shaved ice where it's chunky. The ice layers are extremely thin and creamy. The Green Tea Cheesecake seen below is my all time favorite! The last shout out has to go to Kurt Farm Shop. It's been a good while since I've been there, but their Flora's Cheese ice cream flavor is still constantly on my mind!

seattle chinatown vietnamese

Red Florals for Summer in Seward Park

forever 21 louis vuitton speedy damier ebene
Hello! I meant to share the photos from this shoot awhile ago but life happened and I'm just now able to sit down and do a little write up for it. My friend and fellow pole/lyra instructor at the studio, Annalisa, took these beautiful photos for me at Seward Park and I love how these turned out! We walked around the loop and anywhere that looked photo worthy we did some snaps! If you're from Seattle, then you're probably familiar with the park which overlooks the East Side and Lake Washington and how comfortable it is during the summer. 
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle
dress lulus sandals seward park seattle
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle louis vuitton damier ebene speedy
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle
forever 21 dress lulus sandals seward park seattle

Open-Shoulder Dress - Forever 21
Sandals - Lulus (similar HERE and HERE)
Purse - Louis Vuitton Damier Ebene Speedy

I love being able to let a photographer just practice and experiment with their shot. The weather was perfect that day and it was just about sunset so we were able to get some nice images with different lighting and also with different nature settings. This dress was an instant favorite once I saw it online. I wasn't sure how it'd fit as I have a pole dancer's body which means - extra broad shoulders - and I have to be careful with open shoulder tops but this dress actually complimented me better than I thought, haha! It was also the perfect pop of color against a mainly green backdrop. I definitely felt like an island princess =). Trade in the evergreens for palm trees and we'd be good to go! Since the dress is so busy, I kept the accessories neutral with browns and gold. 

Annalisa is also one of my designated "Instagram Husbands" haha. If you're not sure what I 'm referring to, then you gotta check out this video HERE. Thanks for being willing to take my photos!

These Fancy Phone Cases by Ideal of Sweden

*This post is sponsored by iDeal of Sweden. Items mentioned in this post were picked out by me but given to me by this company. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own. Thank you for supporting the brands and companies that make KFC Loves You possible!
las vegas mandalay bay white crochet braids ootd phone case

Happy Friday! Today I'm talking about phone cases and the reason why I'm excited about these guys is because as a Samsung/Android user, cute cases are hard to find because iPhone users always get the best ones. When iDeal of Sweden approached me about a collaboration, I initially turned it down because I thought they only had cases for iPhones, but when they told me they had Galaxy S7 cases, I had to jump on board!

lulus shirt ootd phone case accessory
I don't know about you, but I love accessorizing, especially with my phone cases. You may have seen some cutesy ones I've had in the past but they're not always 'appropriate' for every occasion, lolz. When I looked through their selection, I was pleasantly surprised by the options they had (from past experiences, when companies have phone cases for Galaxies, the selection is very limited). I opted for two very different cases: a black marble and mosaic one. I was immediately drawn to the black marble case, but it was my mom who actually convinced me to pick the mosaic one with the beautiful pattern and coloring and I ended up loving it!
Redwing Cafe Seattle avocado toast croissant sandwichmandalay bag fruit phone case
The cases are very sturdy and snap on to the phone securely. It even took awhile to take it off because of how snug it was! I've dropped my phone a few times with the black marble case and one time from a higher distance/larger impact and it did end up chipping, but it did protect my phone! 
las vegas mandalay bay white crochet braids ootd phone case
ootd las vegas mandalay bay accessory
White cover up - Marshalls
forever 21 marshalls outfit nordstrom rack oxfors
Shoes and Pants - Forever 21 | Shirt - Nordstrom Rack

They're currently doing a promo for the month of August so if you're interested, take a look at their site and use promo code US20 to save 20% off! They also have wallet cases too.

Do you guys like accessorizing with your phone cases? 

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