MAC Indulge-Sweet Succulence lipstick swatch+review

I'm a sucker for lip products, i'm a sucker for names on packaging and i'm a sucker for purples. When I saw the MAC came out with the Indulge collection, I noticed a dark plum colored lipstick and I had to get it. I was lucky enough to find it in Nordstroms since it sold out online but check out the MAC site HERE to see if anything catches your eye, then check out your local MAC counter to see if they have any left!

Sam Choy's Poke to the Max-Food truck + festival

Food trucks have become all the craze lately and when there is a new one that pops up that gets everyone hyped, I am always looking forward to trying it!
A couple of weekends ago, I went to the Renton Uwajimaya Polynesian festival where Sam Choy's Poke to the Max foodtruck was present and I took this time to try as much as I possibly could!

Nobel's Super Sour Candy in Umeboshi

If you ever had the Super Lemon Candy when you were younger, then you may find this product intriguing. It is Nobel's Super Umeboshi (plum) candy. It is the same idea s the Super Lemon candy but with new packaging and a different flavor profile.

Urban Decay Afterglow Glide-on Cheek Tint in Bang: Swatch + Review

I picked up this Urban Decay afterglow product awhile ago when I saw it on sale on Hautelook. I have been eyeing these products for awhile but never wanted to pay the full price for them ($24). but since I think they´re discontinuing the item, they have been on sale for around $5-$12 on various sites and when I saw it on sale, I had to pick one up!

Turmeric/Yukon Soda drink

Japanese people have used Turmeric for quite some time now as a energy and health boosting ingredient in drinks and there are indeed health benefits to turmeric such as being an anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antibacterial, etc. as well as uses for its fresh juices on conditions such as ezcema and chicken pox.
This Japanese soda drink, is probably less for the health benefit side but more for energy (added sugar and carbonation). What is most intriguing about this drink I would have to say is the actual coloring of the soda inside the bottle.

It is a bright yellow (sort of reminds of the Yellow monster man in the movie Sin City) soda drink that, to me, doesn't have a strong turmeric flavor. I'm used to turmeric in curry dishes and such (especially for adding the color). I've also had tried a raw turmeric root so I was expecting a more earthy flavor. It was a very subtle flavor, if any at all, but maybe since I haven't tried turmeric in awhile I couldn't really pick up the flavor. It was a typical soda, obviously, but I like the light carbonation and semi sweet nature of the drink. I can definitely see how this would work as an energy drink though. I felt like I had an extra 'pep in my step' if you will!

The drink and labeling itself is novelty enough for me to continue collecting these drinks and trying them out.
Don't let the color intimidate you, if you can find this try it out!

Kirin Gogo no Kocha- Rose & Bergamot Review

This tea is probably one of my new favorite Japanese teas that i've recently tried!
It is from the popular brand, Kirin, and is an European style black tea with rose and bergamot.

Summer Rain

Even though it is the middle of summer here in Seattle, there is always the slightest chance that it would rain.
That's exactly what happened a here so what else more than to bring out the fall colors and combat boots??

NOTD: Sally Hansen Sugar Coat in Bubble Plum swatcy + review

I was at Target last week with a friend and she spotted this Sugar Coat nail polish on clearance and since she ended up not getting it, I decided 'why not?'

Maybelline LTD ED colored Great Lash Mascara in I See Blue & Vision in Violet: Swatch + Review

I went into the store the other day and decided to browse around the make-up section when I noticed a little stand of these new Limited Edition Great Lash colored Mascaras from Maybelline! I don't really wear mascara but when I saw these colored ones, I knew I had to try them out and see if they would actually show up on my black lashes. I picked up two colors: I See Blue and Vision in Violet.

Hemlock Grove: The Novel vs. Netflix

When Netflix launched the whole season of Hemlock Grove, I watched it within a span of 2 days. Needless to say, I was instantly hooked and addicted to the characters and story line.

It wasn't till after I finished watching the show that I looked it up online and saw that it was a novel first by Brian McGreevy.

Tomato Cider-Kimura Drink Review

Today I have another one of my 'weird'/'odd' Japanese drinks and this time it's a Tomato Cider!

As with the other drinks from this line, they have cute packaging and picture the main flavor on their label. The clear glass bottle also shows you the true red color of the tomato cider.
Imagine taking some V8 tomato juice or tomato soup, add some carbonation and sugar, and Bam! That's what you get in this bottle. There truly is a strong tomato flavor in it but surprisingly, it works well with the carbonation and sweetness. I even had my mom try it and she said it was good and the flavor was decent, she actually just didn't care for how carbonanted the drink was.

I bought this for around $2.79 and unfortunately I can't find it anywhere online. If you have a Japanese grocery store nearby or have a friend that lives near one, ask them to check for you!

Would you try this tomato cider??


Rumba Rhum & Food: Review

Late post. About a month ago, some friends and I went to Rumba--basically a Rum Bar that serves food such as empanadas and tacos and other yumm foods. Located in Seattle's Capitol Hill, this place has a whole bar full of different rum and has a small but delicious menu. Check out their menu and pricing HERE.

Panda Pocky !! Cookies n' Cream.

Very recently, I picked up this Panda boxed Pocky for around $1. What caught my attention of it was the fact that there was a panda on the box! Then I noticed the picture of the pocky sticks themselves were different so of course I had to pick it up. Plus, it was on sale.

Almost Mid-Summer Favorites 2013

With August already here (where did summer go?), I thought it be a good time to mention some of my favorites products that I have been loving, and will probably continue on loving until the weather gets cooler.
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