Fujiya Peko Poko Chocolate--on a stick!

Today's goodie post is on the Fujiya brand Peko Poko Chocolate sticks.

Rainier Restaurant and BBQ - review

 So last night, my family and I decided to eat at the Rainier Restaurant and BBQ located on MLK in the Seattle area.
Not gonna lie, we mainly tried it because it was recently featured on Anthony Bourdain's: The Layover TV show on the Travel Channel.

NOTD: Revlon Colorstay in Bare Bones

Nails for the week are in the color 300 Bare Bones from the Revlon Colorstay line.
This polish wasn't as smooth/easy applying as the other colors i've tried. I also found it to be a little thicker than the others.
But still, it's a nice color.

Sakura Matcha/Maccha Latte Kit Kat

My review today is on another Japanese Kit Kat in a form of green tea flavoring. That would be their Sakura Maccha Latte flavoring from last spring. You can no longer find these anymore (sorry) but I found a stash I had kept and at least wanted to talk about it and compare it to the previous Kit Kat post.

Healthy Eating: Avacado and Goat Cheese Sandwhich

Despite my many junkfood/candy posts, I do eat pretty healthy.
Just wanted to share this healthy sandwhich that not only tastes good, but is good for you and fills you up!
Taking two slices of Dave's Killer Bread (which is much healthier than plain white bread and even wheat bread since it has seeds, whole grains, spelt and sprouted wheat) , spread one side of it with some hummus and spread the other side with some pecan butter. Add two slices of lettuce to it (romain lettuce hearts tastes the best, in my opinion, because they have a slight sweetness to them).
Then add half an avocado to it, sliced, or mashed, however you like, and sprinkle some fresh cracked sea salt and pepper on top of it. Then add some sliced up goat cheese (in a monteray jack or cheddar form) and add some alfalfa sprouts (it may be hard to find some alfalfa sprouts in grocery stores now, so I had to use home grown ones..its really simple and takes no time!).
After that, cut in half and enjoy with a healthy beverage! (I decided on Zico's coconut water since I didn't have an actual young coconut).

Myung-Dong Soft Tofu House-Korean Restaurant

Today's restaurant review is on this Korea Tofu House located in the U-district of Seattle.

Geo Tri-Color World, Violet Circle Lens

My little beauty/fashion (could be both right?) for today are about colored contact lens, more specifically these Geo Tri-Color World Violet ones from Eyecandys.com .
I have naturally dark brown eyes and I love all things purple so of course I had to pick up these violet lenses.

Packaging the contacts came in along with the free contact lens case

How the contacts look in solution, in the case
upclose shot w/ flash inside

upclose shot inside w/ natural lighting . no flash
I have to say that at first, I had a little trouble handling the contacts because they are a lot softer/less firm than my normal ones I wear. I had to get these in a prescription so i'm not sure if that had anything to do with it. After figuring out how to handle them, I was able to put them on just fine.
The only thing I have to say is that after I put them on, my eyes were fine at first, but about 5 minutes later, they started watering. That feeling went away fairly quickly so my eyes were able to get used to them. I wore them for 10+ hours and they were fine. My eyes watered out a little bit again after 3 hours or so, but it went away.
I love the subtle colors it gives my eyes. I wanted a pair of colored contact lenses that weren't too dramatic and these gave my eyes the perfect amount of purple. As well, in different lighting it can be more or less purple which I also like that dynamic as well.
outside in the car w/ no flash and natural lighting

outside in the car w/ flash
no flash inside the house.

This pair I got (link HERE again) retails for  $23.98 and this includes FREE international shipping and a case. I think that is awesome as well as they do e-mail you when your item ships which is good to keep track of as well. Since it was free international shipping, it took a longer time, but it wasn't too much of a wait. I suggest if you wanted them sooner to pay more for some type of express shipping, or order them way in advance before you want to wear them for a special event or something.
I highly recommend this site and I have already placed my order for another pair. If you need colored circle lenses, especially if you need them with a prescription, this is a good site to check out.

The oh so famous Green Tea -Matcha Japanese Kit Kat

The  ever popular Green Tea/Matcha Kit Kat is probably the most highly demanded Kit Kat in the States (Washington at least). Almost weekly, someone asks for them, but unfortuneately, all the vendors are out of them since this is a seasonal product. From what I understand, this particular flavor comes out in Spring in Japan, and whatever Japan can spare to certain California vendors is the rest of what people in the US can get.
 (*note, this is a late post, I bought this product back in October and it doesn't expire until June 2013).
There aren't many out there now, what is out there is probably the loads of cases many stores have bought last year..not new product.
This particular bag comes with 12 small pieces and retails around $6.99 and can be found in larger/popular Japanese grocery stores.
kit kat unwraped
inside of kit kat

The green tea/matcha flavor is not overly powerful. I kind of wished that they had a stronger green tea flavor like other Green Tea kit kats i've tried (i have a review on one coming soon). But out of all the Green  Tea Kit Kats that I have come in contact with, this bigger bag is easier to get a hold of.
For Japanese Kit Kat lovers, I would definitely scour stores to see if any of them have it (though highly UNlikely, and they probably won't come out again till around Summer time). IF not, perhaps you could check out Asian grocery stores in Canada because they tend to have a larger selection of Japanese Kit Kats.
Thanks for reading!

Henry's Taiwan Restaurant-Chinatown, Seattle

Last week, I went with my parent's to eat at this Taiwanese restaurant located in Chinatown in Seattle, WA. Now first off, there are two restaurants that go by the same name, (same owner), on the same street, and you want to go to this one (closer to the Chinatown gate/king station side). 
They offer some more things than their other place

Chinese New Year--Foodness!

In honor of yesterday being the start of Chinese New Year aka. Lunar New Year, aka the Year of the Snake--Black Serpent to be classically exact..I wanted to post the picture of food from my family's early celebration Saturday night.

We started off with Veggie wraps, the center is a mixed up concoction of carrots, mushroom, pork, oysters, onions and a whole lot of other things together. To the left is a piece of BBQ'd flank steak-my dad's specialty is bbq--and then we had a smoked pork shoulder to the right.

up close picture of the filling for the veggie wrap..i know this took a lot of work for my mom, those pieces are tiny!

Then the main attraction was our family style hot pot! So healthy but soo good!
We had a mixture of all sorts of good food: udon noodles, sha ho fun (rice noodles), sukiyaki beef, sliced side pork, tofu, a variety of mushrooms--shitake, enoki, maitake, etc--nappa cabbage, shingiku (chrysanthemum leaves), pea vines, watercress, whole shrimp, oysters, rockfish, chicken, fish balls, shiritake noodles, and I think that's it? Everything, for the most part was raw, and we cooked it in the soup and it just made the broth taste so much better.

picture of family enjoying themselves

more food enjoyment

Thanks for letting me share!

And Happy Chinese New Year to everyone! =P

Vanilla Ice-Japanese Kit Kat

My review today is on this Vanilla Ice/ice cube/ ice cream..not sure what exactly but something along those lines--type of Japanese Kit Kat!

Japanese flavored kit kats are probably the best there is in the world anywhere because of the many flavors they come in. We are lucky enough in the states (more specifically I think the West Coast) to see at least some of these flavors.
front of package

back side labeling

Now in a big bag like these, there are 13 pieces in them and retail for around $6.99. Pricey I know, but most of the Japanese Kit Kats are pricey and as long as people are willing to pay for them, they'll probably stay at this price.(Should note that for the most part, at least in Washington, this product is only available in a small 4pc bag that retails for $1.99 if you can still find them in a Japanese store/grocery store)

individually wrapped kit kat

unwrapped package (sorry it melted a bit)

inside of kit kat.

I have to say that these are pretty tasty and I would consider repurchasing. The vanilla isn't super strong and its not overly sweet. It does have an "ice" or "ice cream" effect to it when you eat into it because it almost seems like there is a cooling feeling to the bite that are in very tiny pieces, but its soo slight I can't quite put my finger what makes it do that.

I would definitely check these out if you are an avid Japanese Kit Kat lover.


RITZ Bits Sandwhiches--Japanese Style

Today's goodies post is on the Nabisco product: Ritz bits sandwhiches, but made in Japan!

NOTD: blues and pinks using Essie/Holiday Lights/F21

Today's nails I used a total of 3 polishes. At first I was going to wear Essie's Main Squeeze on its own and did about 3 coats (this polish is very sheer) but did not like how it turned out. Then I layered this drugstore (rite-aid) holiday lights LED, pink gel like glitter polish, over my middle and pinky finger and then the Forever 21 periwinkle/lavender glitter polish over my thumb, index and ring finger. All 2 layers each (sounds like a lot but really they're not thick at all). And then here's the final product!
outside lighting
outside lighting

inside lighting, sorry its blurry

inside with flash

Hawaiian Natural Tea in Passionfruit Orange

Today's tea review is on a Hawaiian brand--Hawaiian Natural Tea made in Honolulu, Hawaii. These teas are certified USDA Organic , have no carbs, no GMOs and are rich in antioxidants being a blend of organic green and black tea.
The flavor I have is passionfruit orange. The one I picked up cost around $3.69 a pack for 8 teabags. I can't find the same amount online, but there is one for a bigger size HERE

Their story on the back side. 

I tend to like my tea stronger so I placed the bag in the hot water for about 4 mins (directions say 1 to 3 mins, its all preference). What I like bout this tea is that it does not become overly bitter when steeped too long, especially for having black tea in it. I wish the fruit flavoring was a bit more intense, I can smell the passion fruit more than I can taste it and the orange flavor seems to be a bit lost.

This was my last tea bag of this tea and I probably won't be repurchasing. However, there are other flavors 
(mango peach, and pineapple strawberry) in this line that I am curious to try, so will perhaps be doing so soon. 

OOTN: Prints and Texture

I decided on a little mixing and matching tonight.

Black Shirt: H&M
Rose printed sweater: Forever 21
Purple Velvet dress: Pac Sun
Grey Tights
Black Boots: Ross
Dog Tag Necklace: Michael Kors
Purple/gold earrings: Shop at the Puyallup Fair
Bracelets: Gifted
Lips: Maybelline Color Whisper in Faint for Fuchsia 
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