Below are companies and brands that I have worked directly with to create content and promote on my personal blog/social media platforms, or on their social media platforms.

Beauty, Style, & Lifestyle

1. Here, Here, and Here.
3. Bag Me baby: HERE
4. Taza Design: HERE
5. Glassesshop Eyewear: HERE
6. Coach Dinky Spring 2017 Campaign: Here, Here, and Here.
7. Olien Body: Here
8. Pura Vida Bracelets: Here and Here


1. Suja: HERE
2. Coastal Kitchen Seattle Winter 2016 Campaign: HERE
3. Dueminuti: Here
4. Veg Out Seattle: Here
5. Stanley and Seaforts: Here
6. Northwest Cherries: Here
7. Cascade Ice Water: Here

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