Royal Vision Girly Chip-Rose Pink Circle Lens

 With the ANCEA/Sakura-con anime convention coming this weekend in Seattle, I thought it'd be the perfect time to review these Circle lens I will be wearing for the event (hence my attempt at an anime eye makeup look..)
The contacts I bought for this occasion were the Royal Visioin Girly Chip lenses in Rose Pink. Click HERE to order/check out the site at

Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS: Vibrant Mandarin Swatch +Review

I've been waiting for a long time to pick up one of the new Vivids lipsticks by Maybelline especially since I didn't know what color to get. I realized I needed a good bright coral color, more on the orange side, lipstick in my collection since I had colors close to the rest of them so I settled for the color Vibrant Mandarin.
I couldn't find too many YouTube videos or blogposts on this color so I had to do some digging on my own to make sure it was the color I was looking for!

Foodtruck Goodness !

Today, I went to my first Foodtruck Roundup event of the 2013 year that was at the Renton Uwajimaya in Washington. I didn't have a specific taste for any particular truck so I tried one new truck, Street Donuts, and an oldie but goodie, The Box.
We got really lucky today since the weather turned out so nice! The day before it was snowing in some areas and we had pouring rain and high gusts of wind earlier in the week too!
donuts from Street Donut, sliders from The Box
Click below for upclose shots ! 

Year of the Snake - MAC Collection, lipstick and beauty powder

 I usually don't buy makeup products unless they are lippies, BUT when I found out that M.A.C. came out with a Chinese "Year of the Snake" collection, I knew I had to pick whatever I could up!Especially since a) I am born in the year of the snake, and b) I'm just obsessed with anything with a snake print.

Adagio-Org. Vanilla Rooibos tea-review

Tea time today will be about this organic vanilla flavored rooibos teaby adagio teas.
*I got a sample of this at work to try out, and being the tea lover that I am of course I tried it out*
front of package, bottom.
pyramid tea bag, meshed

closer look of the tea bag
brewed tea for about 5 mins
Now, on the  package, it says there are 10 tea bags inside and since its organic, its probably a little more expensive. I'm not sure the retail pricing on these yet.
Flavor wise, I honestly don't taste the vanilla in it. I love rooibos tea and the flavor of it, and feel like in this blend, it completely masked any vanilla in there. The combination of vanilla and rooibos do compliment each other, so that may be why I didn't notice any vanilla flavor.
The good thing about this tea for me mainly is that I can fill up my mug about 3 to 4 times after and have it still have a good rooibos flavor.
The first one obviously will be the strongest, but the thing I like about rooibos tea, or this one in particular is that it isn't bitter, so the strong flavor is more enjoyable.
If any of you get a chance to try any rooibos tea at all,  I would definitely recommend giving it a try.

H&M haul-age. Sale time !

Today, I went to the mall just to return something at the mall. I just so happened to step into H&M and noticed that there was a sale. Now I usually wouldn't pay any mind to it until I saw the sign that said "TAKE AN ADDITIONAL 50% OFF ALREADY REDUCED ITEMS" or something like I couldn't pass up that deal!
click below for a more in-depth review and pricing!

Butter and Salt Candy!

By far, one of my most favorite candies and love the pricing of these!

For starters, I love all things that are buttered flavor (like buttered popcorn jelly bellys, or butered flavored dum dums, and the like)

I bought this candy at Daiso (which is basically a Japanese version of the dollar/$1.50 store) and are located I believe along the West coast, and in Canada (Richmond) and Asia too. If you're lucky enough to live in area where they have these stores you should definitely check it out. The majority of the items are $1.50 (USD) unless other wise marked. These candies were only $1.50 and I have purchased these multiple times.

Individually wrapped Butter and Salt flavored candies.
Unwrapped candy

Upclose of the candy

Now if you're not a fan of anything buttered or buttered popcorn flavor, you will not like this at all. Especially sweet versions of it. This tastes STRAIGHT UP like buttered popcorn especially with the 'salt' flavor.
I, however, am a huge fan of anything buttered flavor so this candy is totally awesome and I have and will continue to repurchase it!

Legend and Prodigy by Marie Lu

This is my first reading review and I have to say I'm a bit excited. If you don't want to know what happens in these novels, please don't click the link below! There will be major spoilers..

Morinaga Milk Candy BonBons-Hard Candy drops.

 My candy goodies blogspot today will be on this Morinaga multi-flavored milk candy drops!
If the packaging looks familiar, that's because it looks almost like the Morinaga milk caramel boxes (which are also tasty and found more easily--it looks like the box the boy on the can is holding)
front of tin
back label w/ english translation and nutritional facts
top of tin
inside of the tin (the top was kind of hard to pop off--i needed to use butter knife)
  Here is a picture of some of the drops poured out (theres a lot of pieces in side this tin). They're all covered with a light dusting of powdered sugar I believe. I think it's used to help keep it from sticking inside especially if it is in warmer climate.
I took the liberty of licking off the powdered sugar part so you'd be able to see what was the actual color and flavor of these drops! I may not be 100% correct but I think I got down what most of these are.
 From L to R flavors: Brown Sugar, Caramel (I think..this one I'm not sure about since it tastes like 2 things), Black Sesame, Red Bean, Green Tea, and Red Tea (which I'm also not 100% sure about).
I got these awhile back in Canada, and have just finally gotten a chance to post about them. I haven't found these in the States before so I'm not sure if anyone would be able to, but if you live by the Canadian border, preferably on the West side, you may have some luck finding this. It was priced at around 3 or 4 USD.
I wouldn't purchase it again only because I know it'd take awhile to go through it. I bought it mainly because I love the caramels in this brand especially the red bean (azuki) and green tea (matcha.maccha) flavors so i figured the milky bon bons would taste good too and they do! Plus they last longer since it is in a hard candy form. Glad I picked this up and the tin after eating would be cute as a decoration item too.

Value village, thrifting haul!

The number 1 reason why I went thrifting this time around was to find a an outfit for a cosplay I will be doing for this year's Sakura-con. (more info on the convention HERE).
I will be cosplaying as Kuroyukihime from Accel World and wanted to do her easy school girl look as seen HERE.
  I was able to find 2 pieces for it and then some..
First is the navy blazer the character sports. I was able to find a 3 buttoned one like hers and it was only $4.99. Then I found a black short sleeved button up for $2.99 that would work perfectly under it.
I was then just browsing around and this lilac/light baby purple blouse caught my eye and I knew I had to cop it. It was about $3 or $4 dollars. A steal either way and awesome quality.
These were more of my "special" finds that were just even more awesome in quality or brand names. The top dark hunter green button up shirt (which I think I can also use for my cosplay) is form Banana Republic. It was in good quality and 1/2 off the price too since there was a sale going on so I ended up paying like $1.99 for it.
Then next thing that was an awesome find was this dark oxbloodish-brown leather jacket. It is real leather and Made in Italy. Even better. The quality was like it had never been worn before and even though the size said small, I decided to try it on anyways and it fit perfectly and was priced at $7.99--probably my best find ever.
The last thing that  caught my eye was this colorful plaid tank top tunic piece that is from BB Dakota. Its very flattering and an awesome piece for layering and it was priced at $4.99.
Overall, a very successful trip to Value Village. I need to go again soon to exchange one thing that didn't fit right and hopefully I can find some pleated skirts this time for my cosplay outfit.
Happy Thrifting everyone!

Beauty pic ups ! Feb/March 2013

Since the beginning of the year, i've been good and haven't bought any products of any sort , mainly because I told myself I couldn't till I finished up at least 10 products. And Since I did (post on those empties soon) I decided to pick up some items i've been eyeing and looking for! (except the Urban Decay products which I bought because they were on a super deal).
Apologies for the lighting.
From Left to Right: Maybelline Baby Lips in Limited edition flavors--Melon Mania and Yummy Plummy. It took me awhile to fine the Melon one but finally did at Rite Aid! ($3.99/ea). The Urban Decay Honey infused lip love in Stung ($6.00 on Hautelook) and cheek tint in Bang ($6.00 on Hautelook)--I honestly bought this because of the Snake pattern on it, I'm a sucker for snakes.
Then two Revlon Lustrous Lipsticks- Primrose ($2.99 at Target since I had a 2 dollar off coupon) and Pink in the Afternoon ($4.99 at Rite Aid-Weekly Sale).
Then one Revlon Moondrops in Persian Melon ($4.99 Rite Aid-weekly sale)
Then lastly of course, to add to my collection of egg balls, the EOS lip balm in Pomegranate Raspberry! ($2.99 at
Same items, but opened from the package.
   I may review these later. For sure the Urban Decay Lip Love since I've already tried it and I love it so much.

Facing East--Taiwanese Restaurant

Last weekend my family and I went to try out Facing East Restaurant, a Taiwanese place located in Bellevue, WA.
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