Hardwok Cafe, Taiwanese Food: Restaurant Review

We celebrated my cousins birthday a couple weekends ago and he was craving to try out this Taiwanese café located in China Town. The place is called Hardwok Café (haha get it? Hard "wok"?) and is a Taiwanese style café that has many Taiwanese dishes as well as popular Taiwanese styled drinks and treats! (If I'm wrong about it being Taiwanese, my bad! But I'm pretty sure it is..)

The smelliest foods in the world

Maybe I'm just a bit more adventurous than the average person, but I've had about half of these and honestly like them all.! Perhaps I'll do a post on the ones I've had and how I like to eat them?
I've had natto, lim burger cheese, durian, century egg, and stinky tofu!

No need to bash people or judge them for what they like, every culture has 'different' foods and it is what makes them unique! You don't have to like the food, just respect the people that eat them!

Th smelliest foods in the world

Asian Beauty Haul 2014 + Bioderma

 This post is a bit late, but I was waiting for my last item to get in before I mentioned the rest of the items!

How to open up a Longan aka Dragon Eye Fruit

Ever since I can remember, I had always loooooved eating Longan, a type of fruit that is covered with a shell and its white to clear flesh inside covers a black seed. This fruit is similar to the lychee and both are in the soapberry family (but not your 'typical' idea of a colored berry like blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, etc).

Top Summer Lipsticks 2014

We're about one month into Summer and I thought this would be the perfect time to talk about my top lipsticks I have been reaching for so far!

Seattle's Bon Odori Festival 2014: OOTD

This past weekend, I went to the Bon Odori--a traditional Japanese Summer festival-- at the Seattle Buddhist Church located in Seattle's Central District, just south of China Town. Not only have I been going to this event for years, but it is just fun to mingle around, see people you haven't seen in awhile and catch up, dance to the traditional songs, and of course, eat and drink!
In the beer garden, drinking my plum wine =)

The Body Shop's Colour Crush Lipstick in 205 Passionate Pink: Swatch + Review

A few weeks ago, I did a mini haul from The Body Shop when they had 40% off their originally priced items, so I made sure to take advantage of it and pick up a lipstick to try since I have never tried their cosmetic items before.

City of Heavenly Fire by Cassandra Clare

New book review.
Image from Cassandraclare.com
Check it out on my reading blog HERE.

Seattle's Chinatown-ID Dragon Fest 2014 w/ Food Reviews!

This past weekend was the McDonald's presents Seattle's Chinatown-ID Dragon Fest and I was so glad that I went!
I couldn't pick between two ice cream flavors, so naturally, I got both!
Here's a look at the event and of course..some food pics!

June Beauty Favorites 2014!

Last month was a simple month, in terms of beauty products, but I fell in love with a lot of new items I have tried recently!
Let's take a peek!

Deluxe Perfumes and Mini Samples

I love a good sized sample of any product and one of my favorite ones are perfumes! Whether they be deluxe size or the mini ones, I love them all! Always look out for deals, promo codes, or gifts with purchases on Sephora.com (or their 100/200pt perks), Ulta, Nordstrom.com etc.

June Product Empties 2014:#7 w/ mini reviews

 Where the frikkk did time go to?! Anyways, I actually used a bunch of products up last month, all of them mainly had the slightest bit left in them so it was definitely time to another one of these empties post!

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