OOTD: Simple Laced Roses

A simple night out with one of my friends for drinks called for a simple outfit.
I have loved this cream and black laced rose long sweater since I bought it a couple years ago and still find many days to wear it. This was no exception. I just love the delicate features of a lace-like rose pattern on this and find it feminine but not over doing it.

OOTD: Pokemon Night Out

Went out Saturday night for my bro's birthday party thing, and the club we went to had a "nerd/school girl" theme. Since I wasn't feeling the school girl vibe, I decided on the 'nerd' aspect by wearing my Pikchu tee and Pokeball earrings.

Terra Plata: Restaurant Dinner Review

This past Sunday, we celebrated my brother's birthday with a dinner at Terra Plata, located in Seattle's Capital Hill.

Showing off: Seattle for Young Adults

Anytime something about Seattle pops up on any type of news or top 10 type of thing (a
nd is good) I just love showing off my home city and sharing with everyone.

photo taken from amusementtoday.com

Click at the link HERE to see what MSN has to say about Seattle being  one of the best cities for a young adult and find out about more of the best cities.

Lush's Dream Cream--Review

I wanted to discuss the ever so talked about Lush Dream Cream which is said to be the "number one best-selling Lush product." I initially bought it because I have eczema and this product was highly recommended due to its soothing tendencies.

Black Ankle Strap Wedged Sandal from Forever 21

I have been looking for the perfect pair of black ankle strap sandals (heeled or wedged) that weren't flat and not too hight since I'm not really a 'heels' girl. When I just recently went to the Forever 21 website, I quickly noticed these when I went on the shoe page! Unfortunately, even though I ordered them last Tuesday or Wednesday, I couldn't find them on their site anymore! I'm so glad I decided to pick them up once I saw them, but you can find something similar HERE and HERE.

Big Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

I have another green tea kit kat type of item to share today! I'm a little late on this too, but better late than never. this is a green tea waffle/wafer giant/big kit kat bar. As you can see from the picture ,its about the size of my hand! I bought it awhile back, and it was about $2.00.

Ujimatcha Latte, Green Tea Latte Kit Kat

 Today's goodie post is on this 7 piece Green tea latte kit kat. It is a green tea latte air bubble kit kat over a milk chocolate base. I believe when I bought it, I paid around $3.00 for it.
Sorry, but I don't think you can find this anymore in stores and it may be hard to find online.

NOTD: PA Nail color in A38--Sparkly sky blue

I found this pretty sky blue Japanese PA Nail polish at the beauty store located inside Uwajimaya (the Seattle store) a couple years ago and just found it again in my room recently! The cute packaging of this Japanese brand nail polish and the wide array of colors just drew me to them. Its still in good condition after all this time too! Though it is a little pricier for such a small bottle ( around $4 or $5) I think the colors and formula are worth it!

I should've put 1 extra coat on but, oh well, the other pictures will do this color justice!

Miyabi 45: Japanese with a fusion twist

Miyabi 45, a Japanese fusion restaurant located in Wallingford, Washington (just west of the University of Washington) has always been on my to try list ever since I heard about its opening.
I was finally able to try it out last weekend for an early Mother's day dinner with my family.
To me, this place is nothing like the original Miyabi restaurant (located in Tukwila) but it does have a nice atmosphere to it. Since it was a hot day, the side paneled window/doors were open right at the front of the store allowing a nice breeze. The seating was a bit tight since I think they get packed pretty early so they were not able to give us an extra half a table (even though no one was really there yet right when it opened).
Now I'll jump right into the food :

NOTD: Revlon's Lilac Pastelle #185

I bought this polish well over a year ago and forgot I even had it. I think it was a limited edition color but I may be wrong. It is a very sheer color that looks more like a soft pink than purple and it took at least 4 coats to built up the opacity since (the polish is so thin in formula it wasn't too thick on the nails).


Mike's Noodle House-A Chinatown Favorite

image taken from http://msg150.com/2008/01/lunch-22-mikes-noodle-house.html

Mike's Noodle House, located in Chinatown in Seattle's Internatonal District right across from Hing Hay Park, is a Cantonese/Hong Kong style restaurant that serves an assortment of noodles, congee, side dishes, etc. For some reason, it has become a local favorite and is a popular lunch time location for not just strictly Chinese people but an array of people. The place gets crowded and packed quick so it is best to go there earlier in the day to guarantee a spot and not have to wait. The service isn't exactly the best since I found a lot of the waitresses to be rude (but its pretty typical of many Chinese places) since they have to work in such a fast pace environment.

Denin on Denim, featuring Ombre Tribal Print shorts.

I think mixing denim with denim is fun and can look really good too. I decided to mix this pair of high waisted ombre, tribal print shorts with a levi's denim shirt I thrifted paired with a white T-shirt and white sneakers for a sunny Seattle day.

Maybelline Color Sensational VIVIDS: Pink Pop, swatch + review

Today's lip product review is on the Maybelline Color Sensational, the Vivids collection in 860 Pink Pop.

Accessory of the day: Jeweled Squirrel Ring

I want to start doing accessory posts to show the pieces that I think are cute or just worth while!

Today's is this little squirrel (I think it's a squirrel?) jeweled ring that is just too adorable! But, it also has a little darkness to it with the red jewels in its eyes.
My mom got this for me a couple years back when she was in L.A.

Razzles! First it's candy, then its Gum!

Apparently, this candy goes back to the 1960s. At first bite, it is basically a soft powder/chewy candy like sweet tarts almost, but you end up chewing more and more and eventually get gum as your end result!
( you can buy Razzles  HERE )

From L to R: Lemon, (missing Raspberry), Grape, Orange, and Blueberry

These were all pretty good and true to their artificial counterparts. My favorite one was Blueberry.

Sorry, I don't know why it won't flip back!

Sort of like a sweet tart.
They do lose their flavor after it turns into gum for a bit like most super sugary gums do. It is a good novelty item but not something I would constantl repurchase. It is mainly good, in my opinion, to share and have other people try for a different sort of experience.

NOTD: L'oreal's nail color in 120 Royally Yours (Romance Versailles collection)

 The pastel colors from the L'oreal Romance Versailles collection were absolutely beautiful! They were very soft and 'romantic' with the light colors, perfect for the Spring. I onyl picked up two colors, a blue (shown below) and a purple (post later). I purchased them at Rite Aid since they were Buy one get one half of so they were about $4.50 each after the discount
Please excuse the chips in my nails >.< . This was my first time trying these L'oreal nail polishes. I heard these were a good forumla but I found this particular one to be a bit thick. Needed 2 coats or more, depending since it did tend to streak on me. I guess they're supposed to be a thicker type to give the gel formula look to them? I'm not sure, but I really did love the color. I was a gorgeous light sky blue.
I really wanted to love this polish, but the formula just wasn't as smooth as I thought'd it be. I guess I'll have to wait and find out how the other one I picked up is.

Did any of you pick up anything from this collection??

Springtime Pink Dogwood Tree

I just wanted to share this picture I took Saturday of this Pink Dogwood tree in my backyard! It was a gorgeous, warm sun-shining Seattle day and the colors of the plant were just so pretty!

If you had sun out in your area, I hope you were able to go outside and enjoy it!

OPI 007 Bond Girls Liquid Sand-Swatch+Review

I've always wanted to try the OPI liquid sand polishes and was finally able to pick up the 007 Bond Girls liquid sand samples. I picked it up at ULTA for $12.99  I believe.

The colors came in the Bond Girls color of Jinx, Vesper, Pussy Galore, and Solitaire

Double Cherries, Double Ring

I wanted to feature this ring since I got a lot of complimens on it!
It's a cute double stem, double cherry, double ring that I bought at the Aldo outlet awhile ago.
I like it because its a bold yet cute statement piece that I don't feel like is too in-your-face.
The only bad thing is that the stem can get stuck in clothing and such but other than that, its nothing bad!

NEW! Airheads Bites-fruit flavored, Review

Airheads came out with a new candy, bite sized Airheads with a sugar coating on the outside.
I was able to try these Airhead bites as a sample.
(I was able to find it in a larger size HERE)

Snake Accesssssorizing

Besides the fact that I'm born in the Year of the Snake, I have a sliiiiight obsession with all things snake/serpent related. Once I saw this necklace I knew I just HAAAD to get it.


Item purchased at Romwe.com (HERE).
It costs $15.99 but since I had used the 20% coupon it came out to a little over $12.
PLUS the awesome thing about this site is that there is free shipping worldwide with no minimum purchase.
The only down side is that it did take awhile to get here (about 3 weeks), since I think it shipped from Asia.

If you're snake obsessed like me, you should definitely snatch this piece! Its a nice bold statement piece and is awesome with your hair up or down.


Awesome Twosome-Jolly Rancher Chewy Candy

Today's candy goodie post is on this new (at least new to me) Jolly Rancher candy that I was able to sample. Its the first time I've seen this product, which is basically a chewy soft roll on the inside (either orange or green apple) and with a sweet/sour belt (cherry or watermelon) on the outside.
(larger size available HERE)

Orange center with Cherry outside. Green apple center with Watermelon on the outside.

NOTD: Revlon Colorstay in 090 Sorbet, Swatch&Review

Don't mind the sale sticker, I got it on clearance for $2.49!

This Spring, I have been really into bright orange nail polish. I've recently saw this at Ulta and had to pick it up especially with it being on clearance. I picked up the Revlon Colorstay polish in #090 Sorbet.
This one has more of a yellow undertone than Marmalade (HERE), and is less bold. It's a nice orange color, and a perfect pop of color (it'd probably look better on tan/darker skin too and would stand out more).

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