Pochacco Café at Seibu Ikebukuro | Tokyo 2018

japan tokyo sanrio kawaii
Long time no blog! I have been putting off my recent travel posts due to just life, work, new work, etc. but now, I wanted to get this post up before the end of this event! While I was in Tokyo, I just so happened to find out via Instagram that there was a Pochacco Café popup there for a short time and it just so happened to be in the time frame I was there AND in the same area I was staying in! Fate could not have been more on my side as previously, I had no idea this was coming and also, if you know me, Pochacco is my life! My all-time childhood to adulthood favorite character. The cafe is only open for 4 more days so if you are in Tokyo and you see this post, YOU MUST GO!
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii ikebukuro seibu
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii  seattle blogger
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
I was with my mom, aunt,  and new friend Sayaka, and was able to try a few items on the menu! Of course, I wanted to order EVERYTHING, but I got the main items. I also made sure we made it early so we didn't have to wait in line as we were going to Puroland later that day (that post will come soon!).
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger.
First up was this jelly cotton candy faced drink. Not gonna lie, I got it for the Pcohacco face, haha,  but it was actually quite good, though a little bit too sweet, even for me. Side note, yes I just so happened to have brought a Pochacco shirt with me and how PERFECT was it to wear on this day.

japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
Now on to the actual meal! My friend and I both got the cute little sleeping Pochacco in an egg omlette sleeping bag. My mom and aunt both got the Pochacco face in curry. I will say, Japan does their eggs better than anyone else. I am not a fan of scramble/omlettes, but I love when they do it. It was served with a zesty tomato sauce with ham and bell pepper star/moon shapes. Japanese curry is another favorite of mines too since it is mellow and now overly spicy. I actually enjoyed this one better overall, but I was still happy over my choice!
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
japan tokyo sanrio kawaii seibu ikebukuro seattle foodie blogger
Last up was of course, dessert! Pochacco ice cream parfait topped with marshmallows and pocky sticks. I liked this treat better than the drink above, but honestly, because it was all Pochacco themed, I loved it all, haha.

Apologies on how late this post is and with the short time frame that the cafe will be open, but if you love Pochacco as much as me and you're in Tokyo, YOU HAVE TO GO!
It was honestly one of the biggest highlights to my trip because not only am I utterly obsessed with Pochacco, but it felt like I was living my childhood dreams and it was all unexpected.

Thank you all for your patience with my posts and I hope to share more with you all soon!


Brunch at Stanley & Seafort's

*I am not sponsored to write this post, but I did receive a complimentary meal. All thoughts and opinions are strictly my own*

food blogger seattle seafood kfclovesyou
This past weekend, I had the opportunity to enjoy brunch at Stanley and Seafort's, a steak, chop, and fish house located in Tacoma, WA. I came hungry and prepared to eat, not knowing what to expect from the menu as I wanted to surprise myself before going.

Tacoma seattle food blogger kfclovesyou
Tacoma, seattle food blogger kfclovesyou
Tacoma, seattle food blogger kfclovesyou
There was a great selection of items to choose from on their brunch menu, especially items involveing seafood. I was able to bring a guest so I was able to order a few items to try! On the list was: Lobster Bisque, Seared Teriyaki Tenderloins, California Benedict, Prime Rib Hash, Blueberry Muffin French Toast, and some dessert too, of course!
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger kfclovesyou
foodie blogger seattle tacoma kfclovesyou
The Lobster Bisque was probably one of the best I've had. It was incredibly creamy, not too salty, full of lobster flavor of pieces as well. It went well with the toasted rosemary cibatta bread as well.
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger
This was the Seared Teriyaki Tenderloin using Fillet Mignon that was cooked to perfection. The sauce and dried pineapples were a little overpowering for me, but overall still tasty dish. When it said 'sticky rice', I thought it was more so the Thai Style glutinous rice vs. sushi rice which was still okay but I didn't eat much of the rice anyways.
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger
My friend and I split this Blueberry Muffin French Toast which was AMAZING! I've never had anything quite like this, or a muffin in this way, and loved how there was a nice crunch in each bite. I also liked that this wasn't too sweet. Definitely a fan of this dish and would highly recommend it!

Tacoma seattle foodie blogger
This Pork Rib Hash is what my friend ordered and though I didn't get to try it since I was too full from my own dish, she was very pleased and happy with this dish. The meat was cooked well and not chewy at all and it had overall great flavor and presentation.

Tacoma seattle foodie blogger seafood
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger seafood
Tacoma seattle foodie blogger seafood
My entree of choice was the California Benedict with the best tasting sides of potatoes! Not your traditional Eggs Benedict where they use an English muffin, they used a grilled baguette and topped it with poached eggs, tomato, avocado, and a generous topping of Dungeness crab. It's a classic with a twist and another dish I highly recommend. The potatoes also deserve their own shoutout - they were almost crispy like a chip, but not quite, and parmesan herb flavor that I couldn't get enough of. I'd go back just for these potatoes!

Tacoma seattle foodie blogger dessert creme brulee
The last thing we had was dessert, because why not?! We choose the cheesecake and burnt cream (aka creme brulee). Nothing you can't get anywhere else, but still a nice end to a delicious meal. 

Overall, I had an amazing experience at Stanley & Seafort's and I would highly recommend coming here for brunch, especially earlier in the day when it is less crowded. The GM and staff were helpful and friendly, and you can also request a nice view of the city by the window while you're at it. Thank you again to Brittany and the folks at Stanley & Seafort's for having me and giving me the opportunity to experience brunch at this beautiful restaurant!


July 2018 | What have I been up to?

Hello everyone!

adidas blogger sf bay areaboston tea party MA new england blogger

I've been neglecting my poor blog for so long and know I've been pushing off a few posts.
There is reason for that though as I have some exciting news to share!

But first off some quick updates/what's been happening:

  • I went on a couple trips in June: Boston & San Francisco - will definitely share here on my blog!
  • Had a few amazing tasting experiences that I can't wait to share
  • My brother is getting married this month (which will keep me busy even more this month)
  • And one of the biggest news that I'm excited to share...
I'm part of an amazing group of people starting our own nonprofit studio: Ascendance Pole & Aerial Arts! I haven't made an official announcement on my channels yet but have posted snips here and there. I'm officially announcing my participation today as I have been heads down with the studio (outside of my daily work life) that's been keeping me busy these past few months. Everything moved quicker than anticipated and it's been nonstop since our official announcement. I'm leading the marketing for the team and will also be an instructor coming this fall. We're targeting an opening this September and are currently in the process of building out our studio space. We'll have classes in pole, lyra, aerial yoga, and more! There's so much more to say about this amazing project and I can't wait to share even more with you all as we get closer to our opening. It's also been a good break as I developed tendonitis earlier this year and not poling has forced me to take care of it!
renton dance nonrprofit studio
renton dance nonrprofit studio aerial hoop
pole dancing
pole dance seattle

I'll try to be better about posting here and updating content, but I'm pretty active on my Instagram so so be sure to check it out to see what I've been up to (and eating!) haha.


A Tasting Experience at Opus Co.

seattle greenwood phinney ridge kfclovesyou food blogger
I've got another foodie post for you all, this time reviewing my recent experience at Opus Co. in Greenwood located in Seattle. Whenever I go to a restaurant or look at their menu online, I like to see if they have a tasting menu, or chef's choice, as I feel that's one of the best ways to enjoy what a restaurant has to offer. Opus Co. has been on my list recently and I did notice they had their own sort of tasting menu, the Opus Feast, and for $55/person (which is very good for a tasting menu), we had to go for it!
seattle greenwood phinney ridge kfclovesyou food blogger
seattle greenwood phinney ridge kfclovesyou food blogger
seattle greenwood phinney ridge kfclovesyou food blogger
seattle greenwood phinney ridge kfclovesyou food blogger
This restaurant caught my eye, mainly because a new friend from San Jose told me about it, but also because this restaurant sources locally and are seasonally driven. This place is much smaller than I thought it'd be so I would highly recommend making a RSVP. We sat down and ordered drinks and of course ordered the Opus Feast for the table. I would also recommend the wine pairing for an additional $30 as you get a pour for each course and get to sample local varietals. Our feast consisted of 8 different dishes which I'll break down below!
seattle greenwood phinney ridge kfclovesyou food blogger
Seattle ravenna blogger food phinney ridge greenwood
1) Lamb spam, smoked ham, pickled pork belly: I couldn't really tell that the spam meat on the bottom was made out of lamb but it was good either way. This dish reminded me of the traditional appetizers you get at Chinese restaurants for weddings or parties that serve the cold meats and jellyfish, but this time the jelly fish was a pickled pork belly of sorts with better quality meats. I enjoyed the smoke ham the most with the mustard on top.
seattle greenwood  phinney ridge food blogger
2) Spinach salad with sauteed oyster mushrooms, medium boiled egg, and quinoa: Everything about this salad was so good, even the taste/texture of the spinach. It felt like the greens were heartier. The mushrooms were sauteed in a sweet sauce and the dressing of the whole salad was on the tart side, so it made for a well balanced dish in flavor and texture.
seattle greenwood phinney ridge tasting menu seattle
3) Halibut over kasu "risotto", grilled bok choy, and poached pears: Another well prepared dish with a mix of Asian flavors and fun textures. The halibut was cooked perfectly and placed over a kasu (sake lees sort of like fermented rice bits) that was mild in flavor and worked so well with the sweet poached pears. The grilled bok choy was a nice touch of flavor and texture and the first time I've had bok choy grilled! That's definitely a way I want to try to cook bok choy next time. 
seattle greenwood phinney ridge food blogger

4) Crispy rice with pork belly bits and black bean sprinkles: If you've ever gone to Chinese or Korean restaurants where they bake the rice in a stone pot and you wait for the crispy rice at the bottom, that is what this dish basically is, but all the way around! Aka, the best part of the rice. It was paired with the dish below but had some bits of pork belly inside along with a black bean sprinkle and pickled veggies on top.
seattle greenwood blogger phinney ridge foodie
5) Mole lamb sausage with pickled carrots and beans: The flavor of this lamb sausage was complex as it was mixed with mole, a type of savory chocolate sauce found in traditional Mexican cuisine, but it wasn't over powering. It wasn't gamey at all, which lamb can tend to be, and it had a nice texture to it. It paired well with the crispy rice served above.
seattle greenwood  phinney ridge food blogger
6) Pork shoulder with leeks (forgot the dressing/sauce): The above was our last dish and as pork shoulder tends to be, it was a tender cut and prepared well. Pork in general isn't my favorite (unless it's pork belly) so this wasn't a dish I would order myself but I'm glad it was on our tasting or else I would have never tried it.
seattle greenwood  phinney ridge food blogger
7) Chinese vinegar pudding with pralines and meringue & 8) Peanut butter ice cream and chocolate tarte: The next two dishes were desserts that came at the same time. First off, let's talk about the Chinese vinegar pudding - wow wow wow. The flavor was great as you can taste the intensity of the reduction that happened beforehand and how it was not in a jelly form. It wasn't overly strong or sour, just right. It was a welcoming familiar flavor. The other dessert was a peanut butter ice cream with chocolate and really, you can't go wrong with that combination!

Overall, I had an AMAZING experience and would highly recommend this place, especially for their Opus Feast. The staff was warm and friendly and the food was amazing (oh yeah and the wine too, of course). Walking in to a meal may be difficult so I highly recommend RSVP'ing ahead of time, especially for larger groups, though I would say 4 is the max you would want to go with as the place is small. 

Do you guys enjoy tasting menus? What are your favorite kinds?


Seattle Restaurant Week Spring 2018 | A Recap

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Hey everyone! It's been awhile since my last foodie post and I thought it was time to change that with today's post all about food! Today, I'll be doing a quick recap on the restaurants I went to for Seattle Restaurant Week that ended  just about two week ago. This is one of my favorite food moments in the city as a handful of restaurants have deals on food (usually $18 at lunch for two items, $33 for three items for dinner). This time around I had a chance to go to six different ones - three that I've been to before and three hat were new to me. 

I'll start with the ones I've been to before.

Tavolàta Capitol Hill

kfclovesyou seattle foodie blogger
burrata foodie kfclovesyou 2018 blogger
pasta kfclovesyou capitol hill blogger foodie
panna cotta capitol hill kfclovesyou blogger
zeppole capitol hill kfclovesyoublogger
Tavolàta is a Ethan Stowell restaurant that I've been to before but only there Belltown location. One of the reasons that I wanted to come back here for SRW is because of the selection that's available. It's also pretty much almost all the same across his other restaurants, minus a few items here and there. We started off with appetizers and I ordered the burrata which is one of my favorites! Theirs was nice and runny and the pickled saury (I think) and onion added a nice touch of flavor. Next up came the pastas - I ordered rigatoni while my friend Sean ordered the lamb gnocchi. I should've ordered what he got because it was amazing. Mines was decent, but not my favorite and honestly, a bit salty. Dessert was great. I ordered the panna cotta which had a nice flavor and texture, not to sweet, and the candied ginger paired nicely with it. My friend had the zeppole, little donut holes - a classic.

Overall, I do enjoy Ethan Stowell restaurants and Tavolata is probably one I lean more towards out of all the others (Red Cow is another favorite). I would come back again but likely only during SRW to get the best deal. 


menu kfclovesyou foodie blogger
meat cheese and bread kfclovesyou foodie blogger west seattle
hamachi crudo west seattle kfclovesyou foodie blogger
seared scallops seattle west blogger kfclovesyou
chicken confit west seattle kfclovesyou foodie blogger
Raccolto is another restaurant I wanted to come back to - mainly because their menu items changed for this round and it was close to one of my friend's place. What I like about their SRW menu is that they offer the starters for the table, so you don't have to make choice for appetizers! I really enjoyed their hamachi crudo and the kale raab (for some reason, I don't have a photo of it!). For entrees, since there was three of us, we tried one of each of the items offered. My favorite would have to be the seared sea scallops. The pasta was decent with a pesto sauce (also not pictured, whoops) and the chicken confit wasn't my favorite. I did really enjoy all the desserts though (also not featured), especially their sorbet.

I want to try this place out outside of SRW so I would say I would give it another shot as this time around it was a bit underwhelming. It's also by my favorite nail salon (Juniper Natural Nail Bar!) so if I happen to have a late appointment, I'd catch dinner here.


madison park foodie kfclovesyou blogger
halibut madison kfclovesyou foodie blogger
rabbit madison blogger foodie kfclovesyou
pot de creme kfclovesyou blogger
The last repeat restaurant was the French restaurant, Luc. It's been 1.5 years or so since I've been here and I wanted to come back because a) I really enjoyed the food here and b) they had items on the menu I've been interested in trying. I went again with my foodie friend Sean and we both had the same starter, the smoked lamb rillette with dates. This was absolutely delicious and flavorful! The lamb paired so well with the sweetness of the dates. Then came the main course, I ordered the rabbit while my friend had the halibut. A smaller portion for the halibut, but it was cooked perfectly, was nice and moist and not dry. My rabbit was surprisingly large and tasted better than I thought! This was the item I was curious to try as I've never had rabbit before and wanted to take the leap (hah) and give it a go. I'm a fan I would have to say. Then came dessert - I had the pot de creme which was rich and decadent but not overly sweet. It was definitely rich in chocolate.

I would definitely come back here again for SRW or outside. I love the menu offerings and overall ambiance. 

Next up are new restaurants I tried out

Marjorie Restaurant

kfclovesyou capitol hill
Smoked salmon rillette capitol hill kfclovesyou blogger
salmon capitol hill kfclovesyou foodie blogger
nettle risotto with maitake mushrooms kfclovesyou foodie blogger capitol hill
dessert kfclovesyou foodie
Marjorie is a cute little place in Capitol Hill with lots of personality and character. I went here because they had great vegetarian options and because I have always been curious to try it. My starter was a smoked salmon rillette (do you see a pattern here? haha) which were loaded with salmon and a great appetizer with the right amount of seasoning and flavor. My entree was a nettle risotto which was so good! It was extra cheesy and the battered maitake mushrooms on top paired so well with their nice crunchy texture. I also had a chance to try a friend's salmon - delicate and cooked just right and well seasoned. For dessert, I had their neapolitan flaked pastry -  it was a bit tart but still good. Not my favorite but wasn't disappointing either.

I would totally come back here and this is a place I want to take friends to especially if they need vegetarian options. Parking is a bit frustrating though in this area which is the only downside.

The Harvest Vine

spanish food madison kfclovesyou foodie blogger
spanish tortilla madison park seattle blogger foodie kfclovesyou
beets madison park seattle blogger kfclovesyou foodie
baked eggs smoked trout pork cheeks madison seattle blogger kfclovesyou
dessert olive oil cake
The Harvest Vine has been on my list for years! I try to reserve a spot for SRW every year but they're almost always booked up! This year, I made sure to jump on it as soon as I could and was able to get in. I absolutely love this place and have to honestly say this was my favorite! Everything was delicious from the appetizers, to dinner, to dessert. The Spanish tortilla (I think) and beets were favorites for appetizers. There were three of us so we tried one of each of everything including the entrees which consisted of smoke trout, pork cheeks, and baked eggs. My favorite was the baked eggs - the eggs were cooked perfectly, the tomato sauce was not tangy at all and seasoned well. Everything about that dish was perfect. The pork and trout were good too but the eggs were my number 1. Then came dessert where we had flan, a chocolate tart and an olive oil cake. The chocolate tart was a bit rich for me, but the flan was amazing; not too sweet like other flan I've had with a smooth texture.

Yes, I would come back. SRW or not, I would go back in a heartbeat. Everything from the food, location, ambiance etc. was so enjoyable.

Water's Table

menu kfclovesyou blogger hyatt regency renton
view lake washington hyatt regency kfclovesyou blogger
poke bowl with egg hyatt regency lake washington

The last restaurant I attended on the last day of SRW was Water's Table located in Renton at the Hyatt Regency on Lake Washington. First of all, I didn't even realize this was here, or the hotel - so late to the game. Secondly, this place has an AMAZING view. I've heard mixed reviews about the food but was surprisingly impressed by the menu and food items. It's an Asian fusion type of restaurant which can be hit or miss but I actually liked what was served. I had a poke bowl for starters and I was surprised to see a fried egg on it. I've never had a poke bowl with egg but I really liked it! It was also a larger portion than I thought so that instantly filled me up and when it came to the short rib for the entree, I couldn't even finish half! It was served on top of a cauliflower puree which I actually liked (and I usually don't like cauliflower at all). Dessert was this cute Chinese inspired molded chocolate cake which was very chocolatey, but enjoyable as it wasn't too sweet.

I would come back here to try their other menu options as they had some interesting choices and maybe even a happy hour or two to just enjoy the view of Lake Washington.

That's a wrap for my Seattle Restaurant Week recap and I hope you enjoyed all the mouthwatering photos! I hope to make time to share more foodie posts with you all =)

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