Glico Ice-No-Mi: Grape flavored ice balls, product review

*Disclaimer-This product is a sample, all thoughts and opinions are my own. I am not getting paid for this post*
Glico USA has a new frozen treat that are available at some Asian/Japanese grocery stores right now! ( at least for Seattle), so I thought I would do a quick post featuring this tasty icy product.

MACxLorde Pure Heroine Lipstick: SWATCH + REVIEW

When I heard MAC was coming out with a little collection with Lorde featuring a dark purple lipstick, I knew I just HAD  to have it! I am a fan of her music and I love the lipstick looks she is shown wearing.
 Once I was able to order it online, I quickly grabbed the chance and placed my order. After playing around with it for a couple weeks now, I can say I am really happy with the product despite my initial reactions to it.

Araya's Place-Vegan Thai Food: Restaurant Review

After a disappointing meal and food selection, my friends and I decided to walk around and see what would be another good alternative for lunch. At first we were skeptical about this place, because they were doing Thai food but Vegan! I love Thai food, and I know they use a lot of fish sauce and different meats and seafood, so I was curious to see how the dishes would turn out to be.

All About the Little Things

*This post is definitely inspired by Miranda over at!*
I don't know about you guys, but some of my favorite items to get when I purchase beauty items online are the mini deluxe sized samples that you get either with purchase or when they or, when you check out and they offer a 'code' for a deluxe item(s), I usually go for it.

Or, if I want to try some items out, but don't want to commit to the full size, the mini travel sizes they sell in little kits/sets are the way to go!

#TBT: My First MAC products

I thought today would be fitting to make this post on my first ever MAC products that I have ever purchased. For my #TBT aka #ThrowbackThursday, I will be featuring these two lip products I bought from MAC at the same time as my first ever MAC products!

Malay Satay Hut: Restuarant Review

Growing up with the occasional Malaysian food (my mother's family is from Malaysia), sometimes I get cravings, especially for items that remind me of the different trips I have taken to Malaysia. When my family gets a particular craving, we will go to one of the only, more authentic, Malaysian restaurants in Seattle, and that is Malay Satay Hut.

The Wolf by Lorenzo Carcaterra: Book Review

New book review on my reading blog.
 Check it out HERE

Girls Night Out

One of the best things is getting dressed up to have a fun night out with your girls!
I wasn't in the mood for a dress/skirt (bruises on my legs = no way haha) so I opted for a jumpsuit. I absolutely love how comfortable and easy it is to wear. Paired with some heels and BAM, outfit done.
More details below, after the jump!

Bobbi Brown Lip Balm: Product Review

I received this Bobbi Brown lip balm as gift over a year ago and never really used it or talked about it. I re-found it in my stash of lip products and decided to use it daily to see how I really feel about it.

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