Coastal Kitchen feat. The Amalfi Coast: Restaurant Review

Last Sunday, a few of my old co-workers and I headed over to Capitol Hill in Seattle to try out Coastal Kitchen for 'Blunch'!

More Food: Marination Station + Vostok Dumpling House in Capitol Hill

The other week, I did a post on this Soviet inspired dumpling house in Capitol Hill, Seattle called Vostok Dumpling House and decided to go back and try more food along with grabbing some goodies from Marination Staton (right next door) to bring to-go for home.

Marshawn Lynch + Japanese Candies!

Very recently, the 'beast' of a running back, Marshawn Lynch, had an interview with NFLJapan (I believe) and he actually talks and has conversations with them! And he's super polite.

Watch it HERE!!!!!
They introduce him to 3 different Japanese candies (all of them which I have tried and like btw!)

It features a bag of Strawberry Hi-Chews
If you haven't had this, I think I'd compare this to a Mamba+Starbursts but a way chewier--and with a more intense strawberry flavor.

A bag of Fujiya's Milky 

I love these! they semi remind me of caramels. The outside may seem hard but you can chew on it and is like a caramel+nougat texture (once you chew it though it kind of dissolves faster--so maybe not really nougaty) and inside is a "milk" cream that makes a nice smooth filling. It is more like having sweetened milk..or the flavor milk would be after eating a bowl of Frosted Flakes cereal!

And Calpis Marshmallows

This is probably the most difficult to describe. The marshmallow itself isn't really different--I think it may be more dense than American marshmallows. However, the inside filling is of the Calpis/Calpico orignal non-carbonated yogurt soda flavor. It is tangy and sweet and is a hard flavor profile to describe. If you had the drink or candies before then you know what I'm talking about! (The drink and concentrate form of it is really good mixing with alcohol..just saying..and of course good in itself!)

If you're in the Seattle Area, check out Uwajimaya for all of them and their varieties.! They carry all three (hopefully they're all in stock) so you can see for yourself how they taste like =P

Maybelline's 'The Buff's lipsticks in #930 Truffle Tease & #945 Stormy Sahara: Swatch+Review

A couple weeks ago, I went to Target and decided to pick up a couple of the new Maybelline Color Sensational-The Buffs lipsticks and I picked up #930 Truffle Tease and #945 Stormy Sahara.

Seahawks to the Super Bowl 2014! NOTD: Featuring Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear-Seahawks inspired colors

Had to do some Seattle Seahawks inspired nails for the big game today, and guess what?! We're going to the Super Bowl!!

Gotta love Seattle! Starbucks (Caramel Flan Frappuccino) and Seahawks shirt and nails =P

Ramen Man: Restaurant Review!

I love me some ramen and love trying out new places. Last week, my cousin and I decided to try this place out as he especially loves ramen and we were treating him out before we went back to college!
We decided on trying out Ramen Man located in Wallingford. Read their Yelp page HERE.
That Ramen Man face looks so excited!
The restaurant is fairly small with a few seating areas in the front right by their large kitchen space. Then they have a downstairs basement type of back room where there is more seating available.


Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Edamame: Snack Review

The other day, I went into Trader Joe's and was looking to try the Dark Choco covered pomegranate seeds but they were out of stock! So I kept my eye open for something else and spotted these
 Dark Chocolate Edamame.

Shorts and Timbs

Had a chill Sunday morning and went to breakfast with my brother and cousin in this little place in Kirkland (before my cousin goes back to college on the East Coast!).
I felt like wearing shorts and tights (Even though it's the middle of winter) today so this is what I went with.

L'oreal Extraordinaire by Colour Riche #104 Dancing Rose: Swatch + Review

So I bit the frikken bullet and bought one of these new L'oreal Extraordinaire Liquid lipstick/lip glosses even though one my of previous posts I said I wasn't going to because it's too reminiscent of the L'oreal Aqua Lacquer Lip stain, but I'm glad I did try this one out because they are quite different!
Let's take a closer look...

Mini Target Haul Jan 2014  I went to Target to pick up a few necessities, and of course I couldn't help myself and I picked up a few lippies >.<

NOTD: FLOWER Beauty nail polish in #NP6 I Lavendare You! Swatch + Review

I haven't done a nail post in awhile and I have no idea why! At least now I am starting to catch up on them. Over Christmas, my aunt and cousin bought a lot of different polishes for me to try so today I thought it would be perfect to do one on this FLOWER Beauty by Drew Barrymore nail polish in the color I Lavendare You!

indoor w/ non-natural lighting

Nature's Guru instant Lemongrass Tea Review

Today I have a Tea Time review on a new found favorite by Nature's Guru.
The flavor in particular that I am liking a lot is the Lemongrass Tea instant and sweetened.

Vostok Dumpling House: Restaurant Review!

I was in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle the other day and was in the mood for a quick meal. I was going to head over to Marination Station, but I noticed this place Vostok Dumpling House right next door! Since I haven't really had Russian food and love all kinds of dumplings in general, I figured it be a good of time as any to try something new =P

Mini Lush Haul-hair & skin products

I wanted to start off this 2014 year by taking extra good care of my long hair, therefor, I decided to hit up LUSH to see what goodies I could use!

Maybelline The Elixir in #040 Vision in Violet

I think one of my New Years resolutions should be to stop buying lip products and things in general just because they're purple! I wasn't planning on getting any of the new Maybelline the Elixir glosses, but I couldn't resist when Rite Aid had the line for 40% off and I had a $2.00 off coupon on top of it!
I picked up the color Vision in Violet, which you can now find in pretty much and drugstore.
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