Zaku Zaku Jaries Soda Gum

I guess I should've read the back label (english part) that siad this was gum because I wasn't expecting it to be. This Zaku Zaku soda gum, basically a ramune flavor gum comes in a set of 4 sticks.

Was a little disappointed with the inside to see broken bits, but can't expect too much from a product that came from Japan, was fairly inexpensive, and not handled to well on my behalf.

 This picture gives a truer image of the color. And if you see the little square shapes in the stick and that fell, they are basically the ramune/soda crystal candied bits within the gum.
Overall, like many Japanese gums especially from the Marukawa brand (brand of this one), the flavor is intense at first, but goes away within a couple of minutes.

I'm glad I got to try it though, but also glad I only purchased one while in Canada. I must say though, that the gum blows pretty decent bubbles! The one pictured above did take all 4 sticks but hey, its cool.

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