Curry Flavored Ramune???

Yup, Japanese products are usually the most unusual (flavor wise) when it comes to snacks/candies/drinks. Most are hard to find in the States, but every so often, there are some that sneak in.
Today, I will  be talking about one of the most iconic type of Japanese soda, Ramune, and this one particular flavor, Curry. (found at Uwajimaya in Washington, retailing for $1.59 each)

Also, I'll give a little demo, through photos, on how to open this bottle up after the jump!

instructions and ingredients
Every ramune bottle comes with this green plastic thing on the top that they attach on top.Do NOT throw it away! People mistake it as garbage, but you need it to press down on the marble seen at the top of the bottle.

You have to take apart the inner section from the outside rim. You will need the inner section.

Place inner section on top where the marble is.

The easiest way to pop the marble down is to grab the bottle with one hand, and then use the palm of your hand and press down, hard.

Then, the green stopper will fit inside the blue top, and the marble will drop down to the neck of the bottle.

And then...enjoy!
Now, most flavored ramune are pretty tasty and will usually be their normal "soda" flavor. Or perhaps a strawberry, lychee, grape, melon, orange, etc. flavor. This one in particular is Curry flavor. At first taste, while it is in your mouth, it is sweet with a warm spiciness to in, but not necessarily curry flavored. It isn't until you swallow it down you feel more of that curriness and the curry flavor comes in the after taste.

I'd def repurchase this again, especially to show other people and have them try it. This is the second time I have bought it.

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