Morinaga Milk Candy BonBons-Hard Candy drops.

 My candy goodies blogspot today will be on this Morinaga multi-flavored milk candy drops!
If the packaging looks familiar, that's because it looks almost like the Morinaga milk caramel boxes (which are also tasty and found more easily--it looks like the box the boy on the can is holding)
front of tin
back label w/ english translation and nutritional facts
top of tin
inside of the tin (the top was kind of hard to pop off--i needed to use butter knife)
  Here is a picture of some of the drops poured out (theres a lot of pieces in side this tin). They're all covered with a light dusting of powdered sugar I believe. I think it's used to help keep it from sticking inside especially if it is in warmer climate.
I took the liberty of licking off the powdered sugar part so you'd be able to see what was the actual color and flavor of these drops! I may not be 100% correct but I think I got down what most of these are.
 From L to R flavors: Brown Sugar, Caramel (I think..this one I'm not sure about since it tastes like 2 things), Black Sesame, Red Bean, Green Tea, and Red Tea (which I'm also not 100% sure about).
I got these awhile back in Canada, and have just finally gotten a chance to post about them. I haven't found these in the States before so I'm not sure if anyone would be able to, but if you live by the Canadian border, preferably on the West side, you may have some luck finding this. It was priced at around 3 or 4 USD.
I wouldn't purchase it again only because I know it'd take awhile to go through it. I bought it mainly because I love the caramels in this brand especially the red bean (azuki) and green tea (matcha.maccha) flavors so i figured the milky bon bons would taste good too and they do! Plus they last longer since it is in a hard candy form. Glad I picked this up and the tin after eating would be cute as a decoration item too.

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