New 2013 Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter: Review + Swatches

From L to R:
Juicy Papaya, Pink Lemonade, Sorbet, Wild Watermelon
I was finally able to find all 4 of the new Revlon Colorburst Lip Butter shades!
They were at Target (took me about 3 trips since they were out of stock).
Regular retail for these at Target are $6.49 (you may be able to get them online now?) but Target is having a Lip butter sale now where they are all $6 till April 20th!
Top L: Juicy Papaya, Top R: Pink Lemonade
Bottom L: Sorbet, Bottom R: Wild Watermelon

Swatch colors are in the same order as lipstick order.

This probably will be my go to easy color this Spring and Summer if I don't want anything too bold.
The lip butter line--for the most part, have the nice moisturizing consistency leaving a sheer-to buildable-wash of color. I like this color a lot since it gives a little orange tone to my naturally dark colors

Pink Lemonade is my least favorite of the new colors, mostly because it seems a little too pale for me, i'll have to work mixing this with something else. It is quite nude and if you have dry lips, it will show when you apply this lip butter on with the color sticking to flaking dry skin. I did wear this with another darker color over and it toned down the color which is probably how i'd have to wear this one.

Sorbet is probably one of my favorites out of all the lip butters, including Wild Watermelon which i'll discuss below. For some reason, the formula on Sorbet just feels a lot more smooth and creamier and it has really good pigmentation. It is also more pink than Wild Watermelon and sort of how I envisioned the Wild Watermelon color to look like. Either way, I like this color a lot because it is buildable yet it isn't too bold like the Maybelline Vivids--if you wanted a bright lip that is. It gives you enough without being too much, especially for a more conservative person or someone not as confident in wearing a bright bright lip.

Wild Watermelon is another one of my favorites out of the whole lip butter collection. For a bright lipstick and red color, it is a lot more wearable and is also buildable. It leaves your lips looking nice and juicy and it has more red to it than Sorbet.
I see these colors being worn a lot on nice and warm sunny days in Spring and Summer.

Overall..I highly recommend anyone to check these out. If you're into nudes, I would also recommend Pink Lemonade because it will give you that effect on your lips. The other 3 colors are great too. The formula is very nice, and though lasting power isn't quite there like other lip products, I would still recommend these new ones to try out for their easiness in application and color pay off..


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