There's something about Roman Godfrey...

*warning, this post may have some slightly explicit content*
*and major spoilers*

For those who have seen or heard of the new Netflix series that made its debut this past weekend, then you may know this character, Roman Godrey, played by actor Bill Skarsgard.

I can't believe i'm admitting this, but I finished this whole series in less than a day. I started off around 8 Saturday night, and finished it around 9pm on Sunday (I slept of course and did some errands here and there). After the pilot episode, just something about the dark, creepy, storyline and the characters just drew me in...maybe because it was like my deepest and darkest pleasures coming out?

I know, that sounds weird.

What I was mainly attracted to, unexpectedly, was the character of Roman Godfrey.

This character definetly is multi-demensional. Creepy, yet sexy, bad-ass but soft hearted.

He's usually not the type of guy I would even be attracted too..he's almost too skinny for his height and has this character definitely had some feminine qualities to him. I guess not 'man' enough for me.

But the initial sex scene with some random girl kind of made me turn my head when I noticed him taking a scalpel out--I thought he was going to cut/kill her with it, but he cut himself and drew on her.
In a kinky, weird, somewhat sick way, it was intriguing. That dark, mysterious aspect of him only captured my attention even more.

Then you knew he was different when he was eating out a girl on her period..that scene that led to it, you could tell where it was going, but you weren't quite sure, till you saw the next scene in the girls bathroom. The screams of lust from the girl in the bathroom panned then to a kneeling crouched Roman with blood on his hands.

Then some odd foreshadowing comes, when him and his cousin Letha, see the old man (bum as Christina called him) on the road. Then suddenly the man looks at Roman and says "it was you," he then looks at Letha and her belly and says 'I don't want to see THAAAT." That was the first indication of an incestual relationship between the cousins that I had but neither of them knew what was going on, they were just creeped out.

Then the dark rainy night scene, where you knew it would lead too. ..The asian girl (which I kind of wished was better looking/younger looking, but that's just my own opinion) named Ashley Valentine I believe, basically invited Roman in and since he was drenched, of course was offered to dry off. Here he is, skinny and tall in a short robe that showed his bare legs, but yet oozing sex appeal. The next part that happened basically was reminiscent of another sex filled book. Roman used the belt of the robe to tie her arms to the bed frame, how very 50 shades of grey of him. Then he proceeded to go down on her..again, something about him makes you just want to let him do whatever. turned dark. He basically proceeded to go inside her, without her wanting it anymore. The TV show didn't quite explain what happened but the book says that he basically compelled her to 'want' it. But in the end he compells her to forget he was there and to 'dream of something happy'. This ultimately is another foreshadowing of the fact that he most likely did the same to his cousin, Letha--though he forgot it all because its said his mother, Olivia, compelled him to do it.

Roman was actually the 'angel' Letha encountered because that was what he was compelled (or extaz, I believe as the books calls it) to do. Which ultimately makes it more than incestual because in the scene where Roman is in a coma, his father appears to him saying that his uncle, Norman, is his actual father, which therefore makes Roman and Letha half-siblings..and yeah, you know where I'm going. That's probably the main unappealing/uncomfortable part.

However, what makes this character intriguing is also is compassion and love to the people he cares about. You can tell how much he loves his sister Shelly and even washes her feet for her. You can tell how much he cares for his cousin (minus the incest part). You can see his friendship and bond he has with Peter and that he does have a caring/touching side to him.

Though he is dark and sexy, and very much a BDSM type of guy..he's also very kind hearted too, as he struggles to fight his inner demon.

...just the beginning of my ramble..more to come.,,


  1. Yes! I did see season 2. I was going to write up another little thing about it since there was so much I have to say about it, but I haven't quite had the time to really sit down and do it yet.


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