Big Green Tea Kit Kat Bar

I have another green tea kit kat type of item to share today! I'm a little late on this too, but better late than never. this is a green tea waffle/wafer giant/big kit kat bar. As you can see from the picture ,its about the size of my hand! I bought it awhile back, and it was about $2.00.

I love these giant bars. There's something different or more so 'special' about them than regular sized kit kat bars.

Not sure if you can tell from th epic, but theres little bits of nuts or cookie chunk in the actual green tea chocolate. If anyone can read the Japanese labeling and let me know, that would be awesome!

The next pics show the actual insde layers of the wafer and as you can see, there is green tea product between the layers too. Since I have a weird habit of eating the chocolate outsid of these first leaving only the wafer part, after I did that, the center was actually fairly bitter and a true green tea flavor. The sweet chocolate outside balances nicely with the bitter wafer inside (which you honestly couldn't even tell it was bitter unless you ate it the way I did)

Overall I am obsessed with these! I stocked up on these since I knew it would be hard to find them again. I had my friend try a bar and she said it was almost too much wafer for her, which I can see, since it is a huge bar, but it is a good bar.
I really hope we can get them over here in the States again since I want everyone and anyone who's a fan of Green tea and green tea kit kats to try !



  1. Can you please let me know where to find these!!

  2. Can you please let me know where to find these!!


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