The Kid-Air Griffey Max 1 "Home Run Derby"

One of my favorite baseball players of all time would have to be Ken Griffey Jr., aka Junior aka The Kid, especially when he played for the Seattle Mariners. I may also be bias and like him more because we share the same birthday >.<

This outfit was inspired by the Nike Air Max shoes that he came out with along with Seattle-esque colors also dubbed the Air Griffey Max 1 "Home Run Derby."

It's your basic cross-trainer running type of shoes with a thick sole and ankle straps for extra support (which I'd only use if I actually worked out in them)
They are a black and white with turquoise and pink accents which I personally think look really good together
And of course, the straps bear his signature number that he started off with (I believe).

This exact shoe I believe can only be found on ebay now (for a way higher price) but you can find the shoe in a different colorway HERE


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