Green Tea/Matcha Pocky-Review

I have a green tea/matcha obsession when it comes to anything sweet like green tea kit kats, or cookies. Today's post features these Matcha (green tea powder) cream Pocky sticks from the brand Glico.
I bought it for $2.79 and there may still be some left at your local Japanese grocery store, but if not, it's HERE (for a way higher price) on
Each box contains two packs inside.
Here's a look at the amount of sticks in one pack (not bad i'd say)
As with other pocky sticks, the biscuit cookie stick is dipped and covered in this creamy matcha/green tea chocolate.

If you can some how get your hands on it, i'd highly recommend it !!



  1. yummy pocky!! QAQ

  2. this one was so good I had do slow down to make sure I didn't eat it all at once!


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