Kirin Gogo no Kocha- Rose & Bergamot Review

This tea is probably one of my new favorite Japanese teas that i've recently tried!
It is from the popular brand, Kirin, and is an European style black tea with rose and bergamot.

It isn't overly bitter nor is it watered down in flavor, and it is not overly sweet. There's only 4grams of sugar which is not a lot for a serving of sweetened tea.  If you like Earl Grey or Lady Earl Grey tea then you would love this! The bergamot flavor is definitely there in an underlying note and then the floral flavor of the rose comes in throughout and as an after taste but is very faint. The tea itself smells more floral than the citrus of the bergamot but it is still a calming and soothing drink/scent. I would highly suggest drinking this cold over ice or keeping it in the fridge! Plus, the labeling is so pretty with the clear style and rose and leaf petals drifting all over. It's aesthetically pleasing =P
The retail price for this was a bit high, but it is usually the case in Japanese imported products. It was about $2.79 for a 500ml size. If you can find it, try it, especially if you're a tea lover.

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