Nobel's Super Sour Candy in Umeboshi

If you ever had the Super Lemon Candy when you were younger, then you may find this product intriguing. It is Nobel's Super Umeboshi (plum) candy. It is the same idea s the Super Lemon candy but with new packaging and a different flavor profile.
The packaging is very cartoon-ish and  has pictures both on the front of the bag and in the back.
The candy is individually wrapped and the color matches the color of the plum candy (red).
Like the Super Lemon, there is a white, extreme sour, powder surrounding the candy itself which gives it the "super" sour effect. The plum candy itself tastes like most of the plum hard candies I have had so it wasn't really anything special to me. I'm not sure if you can find it online, but check out your local grocery stores for the product. I don't exactly recommend it, only because it wasn't as special to me as I thought it'd be. If you are a fan of the Super Lemon candy, you may want to pick this up to collect or as a novelty, or if you like plum flavors. If not, then I think it's easily passable.
You can buy Super Lemon HERE.

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