Panda Pocky !! Cookies n' Cream.

Very recently, I picked up this Panda boxed Pocky for around $1. What caught my attention of it was the fact that there was a panda on the box! Then I noticed the picture of the pocky sticks themselves were different so of course I had to pick it up. Plus, it was on sale.

I wish I could read Japanese, but the back of the box had a cute cartoon panda convo going on.
You only get one bag of the Pocky sticks inside the Panda pocky box but you get quite a few of the sticks inside.
The cool part about these is that the stick/biscuit is a chocolate biscuit and it is coated with what I believe to be a cookies and cream dipped coating with white chocolate and chocolate crumbled bits.
It completes the whole black&white/Panda theme and they actually do taste like cookies n' cream!

Inside of the stick.

I would check out your local Japanese grocery or Asian grocery store to see if you could find these but I do think they have been floating around for awhile.
You can also buy them HERE (but at a pricier cost).


  1. Ahh I love Pocky! Haven´t tried this one though (:


  2. I am big pocky fan myself :)



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