Food Truck Event 092113

This past weekend, I attended another food truck event. Since I'm on a restricted nutrition plan, I had to see what was the healthiest item I could possibly eat. It was sort of my 'cheat day,' but I made sure to not eat anything to fatty or deep fried!

The first stop I went to was to Crisp Creperie and I ordered their Proscuitto and Brie crepe w/ almond butter, arugula, and apples.

It was indeed a fairly big crepe and it cost $12. The pricing is a little higher than i'd like for a crepe, but I wanted to try it so forked up the cash.
I will say that the crepe was very good though. They weren't stingy on the ingredients either (and I would hope not since I did pay $12 for it). The only downside to this is the crepe dough/pancake thing itself. I wish there was a little seasoning to it instead of tasting like plain flour. Even a little pinch more salt or something would've been better. Other than that, I did enjoy this crepe and unlike other crepes i've had, I had to use a knife and fork to actually cut it and eat it up.

The other item I tried (just a small piece from what my dad ordered) was from Outside the Box, which is basically a Paleo diet sort of food truck where they don't use any processed foods and supposed to have more healthier foods.

We tried the Pork Belly , and I was a bit confused of the fact that it was on the menu since pork belly is not really healthy at all. I guess is just that is local and better raised swine? I'm not sure. Anyways, this item came on a bed of kale and we did expect something more than just a few slices of meat on greens. It was also a really long wait for this item so may not really be worth it

The pork belly was $8 for 4 slices. The flavor was decent but the meat wasn't overly tender. I wasn't too impressed with this and would have rather tried a different item from them.


  1. Oh sweetie the food looks delicious you make me hungry.

    1. it was very good! sorry to make you hungry but i love food too much >.<


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