Japanese Strawberry Kit Kat: Review

Today's goodie post is on the Japanese Nestle Strawberry (ichigo in Japanese) Kit Kat!

I was actually gifted this, as a coworker bought it for me. These retail around $5.99 and can most likely be found in your local Japanese market (especially if you're on the west coast). These can be found at Uwajimaya (probably not anymore though since there were limited quantities and they sell out quick).
Can anyone read the back of this? I sort of know what's going on (not really haha)

The bag comes with 12 mini pieces inside.

Now a look at the actual bars themselves. The kit kat bars are covered in a light pink strawberry flavored white chocolate.
As you can see on the inside, the layers in between the wafers are also filled with a strawberry type coating.

By far, out of the different strawberry Japanese chocolates I have tried, this is one of my favorites. Not only because it is in Kit Kat form, but also because the flavor is actually pretty dead on to a strawberry as opposed to overly artificial. The strawberry white chocolate on the outside is typical to a sweet slight strawberry flavor, but it's the flavor on the inside that stands out. The layers of strawberry flavor between the wafers feels like it would be a strawberry type of puree flavor because it is actually tart. The sweet outside mixed with the tart inside along with the layers of crunch with the wafers gives this an amazing Kit Kat experience. If you are a fan of strawberries or strawberry flavored items, I would HIGHLY recommend this and try to find it ASAP!

Have you tried Japanese Kit Kats before? What is your favorite flavor??


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