LUSH's Santa Baby Lip Tint Ltd Ed: Swatch+Review

I hopped into LUSH the other day dying to see their holiday stuff and I stumbled onto this:
Picture taken outdoors
From the LUSH webstite:

"Sweet Christmas Kisses
A deep, classic red, this tint provides a colorful moisture boost for the lips. A rich base of fair trade shea butter and cocoa butters will soften the lips and keep them hydrated through the chilly winter months, while vitamin-rich carrot oil nourishes and softens. If a super hydrating base and gorgeous color weren’t enough, we’ve also added a sweet cola flavor made up of festive date and cherry extracts! Apply sparingl for a subtle rouge tint, or more generously for a bright crimson pout. Smooth onto lips and make sure your under-the-mistletoe kisses are as sweet as can be."

Picture taken indoors

This product comes in a small tin is fully packed with a very pigmented lip tint product. However, I did not find it moisturizing at all and felt it become more drying (maybe it was just the one I have?). This is definitely a product where you need to exfoliate your lips beforehand because dry flakes will show up and the pigment will attach itself to them making them stand out more.

Swatch indoors

Swatches indoors

Photo outside in natural lighting

Swatch indoors
Swatch indoors w/ flash

Based off different lighting, the color can look more red/orange or red/pink (like the photo with flash). In real life, the color looks more like a neutral red that leans slightly cool (to me). As for the smell, the main reason I wanted to buy this was after reading it had a cola scent. I was expending a fully loaded, hardcore, fizzing coca-cola scent, but was highly disappointed. The smell was so faint, I have to really get my nose close to the pot to smell it and even when it is on my lips, it doesn't really linger.

The color payoff, however, is excellent, and is wonderful if you want a nice rich red whether having it subtle or bold. A little does go a long way for this so it will give you a range of what you need when it comes to the color department. If your lips are nice and soft and exfoliated, it looks like a nice matte red on. However, I would recommend a balm before hand or mixing this with a balm to have a nicer application and less drying feeling. I did find the color to last long and kind of left a staining effect, however, it did become drying and I had to put a balm on top. The color does transfer fairly easily though so be careful about getting it on our teeth and smudging. It isn't exactly a grab a go item since ou will need a mirror to apply it since it is so pigmented. I can also see this product being nice on the cheeks as well for a just coming inside from a cold walk type of flushed look.

I would recommend this as a cute gift or stocking stuffer (maybe paired up with the lip scrup which I didn't get because I still have one), for lip lovers or someone who loves red lips.
I will however be returning mines because it wasn't what I expected and I think I may have just gotten a bad one because the product was a lot drier than I think it should be. Other than that, it would be great to have if you wanted some red in your life.
They retail at $8.95 and are limited edition so be sure to get them while you can!

Do you love LUSH products? What do you want to get this holiday season??


  1. This is such a pretty color. What a bummer that it's not moisturizing. Sorry it wasn't great. Thanks for saving us the hassle. (◕‿◕✿)

    1. Yea i'm sad it wasn't as good as I hoped it would be either! If you have a LUSH near you though, I'd recommend checking it out to see how it is, it may have been that mines was the only dry one!

  2. A shame you didn't like it, I think the shade looks really nice on you, but yea it needs to feel good to wear too!
    2 Girls and a Blog

    1. The color was really nice and the initial feel was good, but it just got try too quick for my taste for something I wanted to be a bit more moisturizing!

  3. sorry your's was too dry :( It looks like a lovely color though! I wasn't expecting that kind of pigmentation!!

    1. Yes, the pigmentation was great , if only it was more hydrating with the shea butter in it!


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