Glico's Midi Poterri Matcha Pocky: Review

I was able to get my hands on this midi green tea pocky stocks and I have to say, they're really kawaii (cute!)

You really don't get a lot in here (I feel like they could have placed 16 sticks in here) and the sticks are these short chubby matcha/maccha cream coated pocky sticks.

As you can see, the sticks are dipped and coated with a lot more of the chocolate than normal pocky sticks.
Overall, I have to say that though you don't get a lot of the sticks, the flavor of the green tea chocolate is excellent and eating the chubby sticks just seem to be a little more fun than normal sizes.
I did receive this as a sample, but I believe this retails from $1.99 to $2.29 or somewhere along that line.
If you can find it at your local Asian or Japanese market and love green tea flavored snacks, then I highly recommend this one!

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