TokyoMilk Dark #17 Arsenic Perfume: Review

I've been on the hunt for a new perfume that is unique in smell and more 'sexy.'
I've been eyeing the Tokyo Milk Femme Fatale Collection  but didn't know how they'd be since I couldn't find them in stores to smell and test out. Recently, Sephora started carrying the whole dark line and I was pumped! I smelled all the perfumes and when I smelled #17 Arsenic, I knew I found the dark, sexy, mature, nighttime smell I've been looking for.
First off, I love the packaging of the whole line and i'm a sucker for the name of the brand and fragrances.
I'm really into the whole darkness/night time theme so that automatically hooked me right away. I also like how this collection uses black bottles and different images for each scent and the gunmetal cap just adds a nice touch of glam to it.

Sephora's description of the scent is that:

"This dangerously intoxicating fragrance of sensual vanilla and a dash of sea salt creates a remarkably unique sensory experience. Exotic spices of cardamom and fennel offer an arresting complexity, while absinthe and deep woods round out the come-hither happening. The daring blend of unexpected essences will both hold you in suspense and satisfy your curiosity."

Notes:Sea Salt, Vanilla Bean, Cut Greens, Cardamom, Crushed Fennel, Woods, Tonka, Absinthe.
Sultry. Curious. Captivating

On the bottle itself is a description of the scents that are showcased the most.

This is definitely a more masculine scent, but for some reason, I find myself more drawn to these types of scent. It isn't exactly colgne, but the scents are more masculine because it stays away from the floral and sweetness of more feminine scents and which is why I like this scent more for the evening, or colder months--it is also a scent profile opposite of what I usually go for (Pink Sugar, or Love Spell type).

I definitely smell the fennel and cardamom and you definitely get hit with the more earthy/woody scent. Then there is a warmth and slight sweetness from the vanilla but it is balanced out witth the sea salt so it gives off the feeling of having a salted caramel or any sweet treat that they add salt to (if that makes sense!).

The lasting power on this is quite decent and lasts a few hours. It does gradually wear off, but not so drastically; if you turn a certain way or if the wind blows, you can catch a drift of it as it wears off.

If you do not like floral scents or sweet scents, then I would suggest checking out this product. If you are a fan of Fresh's Cannabis Santal perfume, then you may like this one too--this one is just a bit heavier and warmer (basically 'darker' as the line suggests). However, if you do not like masculine/unisex scents then this is probably not for you.
I found mines at Sephora and it retails for $36.00.

Have you ever seen or smelled any perfumes in the TokyoMilk Femme Fatal Collection? What is your favorite scent?


  1. this sounds like a perfume that's right up my alley! Love the packaging and name :)

    1. If you get a chance to and you're near a Sephora, I would definitely recommend giving it a smell!

  2. Replies
    1. Yes! If you're into these more masculine, warm scent, then yes please do try it out =P

  3. Love the sound of this, I think the name gives a good indication of the fact it isn't going to exactly be all flowers and gentle scents, quite different

    Please come check out my latest post if you have time :)

    Fragile Bird |



    1. I totally agree: the name makes it sound less girly and floraly, and more 'dangerous' and masculine (if that made sense!)

  4. I absolutely adore Tokyo milk, their scents are so unique! I found a big collection at Barney's, I know Sephora and some other stores are limited in what they carry from Tokyo Milk. Awesome pick!

    Also, thank you for your comment on my Interview Lip Products post, I'm adding your recommendation to the list of Dos!

    Miranda M. Pretty Squared

    1. I love how unique they are too! For a while, Sephora didn't even have the dark line, but I know of a few local places around where I live that actually carry the whole line too. And you're welcome for the tip!


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