Shorts and Timbs

Had a chill Sunday morning and went to breakfast with my brother and cousin in this little place in Kirkland (before my cousin goes back to college on the East Coast!).
I felt like wearing shorts and tights (Even though it's the middle of winter) today so this is what I went with.

It's still really cold here so in order to wear shorts, I had to pair it up with some tights. You can't see the pattern but there's a slight herringbone and striped pattern on the these tights and on top of that,they're really soft!
Thick sweaters are a must to stay warm. 
And to add some color to the look, I picked this F21 maroon vneck. I highly recommend these t-shirts. They're comfy and come in many colors and the best price, they're cheap as F*** and worth having a few to keep in rotation for everyday basics.
Added with a pair of Timberland boots to fight the wet ground and rain and I'm all set.
Obsessed with this Triforce (from Nintendo's Legend of Zelda if you didn't know). Got it at PAX 2013.
H&M Black Wash Denim Shorts
Triforce Pendant Necklace
Timberland boots in black (similar HERE and HERE)


  1. Simple yet stylish look! Loving your shoes<3
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  2. Love your outfit! You've got a gorgeous style!

    Monica Harmony's Blog

  3. You're so cute!

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  4. thank you for stopping by! I will go and check out your blog now!

  5. My gawd!! You'e hair is super long and beautiful!! Any secret tips you're holding back?? I remember writing my secret hair tip on The Black Book.

    1. secret tips?! haha uhmm not really, but maybe I can think of some things that have helped! and thank you!


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