Asahi's Fauchon Paris Apple Tea: Review

Today's goodie review is on this Japanese drink from the brand Asahi. This is the Inryo Fauchon Paris Shiro Apple Tea drink.
Shiro means "white" so as you can see, the tea itself is like a milky white color.

I bought this at my local Japanese grocery store for around $2.69 (typical pricing for Japanese drink products since they are imported)

As I said earlier, this is a white/milk tea type of drink and from the pictures you below, you can see how creamy looking the drink product actually is.

Now for the taste itself, I found this to be less milk tea like initially and more of a milky juice. I couldn't detect any "tea-ness" to it. However, as I began to drink more of it, the tea flavor began to poke through and I could actually taste it.
This doesn't taste like the American version of apple juice. It definitely has the candy apple taste with tea and the drink goes down really smoothly. It is a bit sweet for my taste, but the appleness to the tea along with the milk gave it a more European (I guess Parisian) vibe, especially the packaging!

If you are into the Japanese/Asian version of apple flavored candies, then I think you would enjoy this drink if you can find it!

Have you tried Japanese drinks before? What are some of your favorites?!

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