The Face Shop Rose Cushion Blusher #01: SWATCH + REVIEW

Today's product review is on this Korean blusher I hauled over a month ago from This is
The major thing that sucked me in on this product was the packaging. It was just so cute and compact.
As you can see, the blush comes with a cute little white puff that you can apply the blush with and between the blush and puff is a plastic shield barricade so the puff doesn't get too dirty. I actually prefer not to use the puffer and like it more for aesthetics.

The blush is a cool tone pink blush with hints of coral in it and very small specs of shimmer.

Now for the swatches below. They are all taken outdoors in natural lighting, but just under different areas--direct sunlight, shade, etc.
The product swatched can seem too light, but when blended out, the color turns into the prettiest pinky glow, perfect for spring. The formula is also nice on this blusher too. It is very soft to the touch and and feels almost velvet-like. I have been using this on days I want a more brighter pop of color on my cheeks while still looking natural. This blush definitely gives me the pink rosy glow. I think this blush would work well with many skin tones, especially on fairer to tan skin. The slight shimmery sheen to this blush is what gives off the glowing from within look that I love.

If you are looking for a good Asian brand blusher, I would check this one out, and it was under $10 and you get a good amount of product too, plus, the packaging is adorable!

Have you tried and Korean brand blushers? What are your favorite blushes for Spring?!?


  1. Love the packaging, so adorable. The puff is super cute too, I probably wouldn't use it either though haha. You can get so much more control using a brush!

    1. I know! Something about Asian beauty products is just so aesthetically pleasing--the packaging is always so cute! And yes, way more control with a brush!

  2. What gorgeous packaging! The colour is really pretty too!
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    1. thanks! and Thank you for stopping by, i'll be sure to take a look at our blog soon!


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