Asian Beauty Haul 2014 + Bioderma

 This post is a bit late, but I was waiting for my last item to get in before I mentioned the rest of the items!

I know many people in the Seattle area may not be aware, but Uwajimaya (an Asian grocery store) carries Bioderma! It is a bit more expensive than what you may pay online, but there is no wait, no shipping costs, and the item is readily available.
*disclosure* (The rest of the items I also purchased at Uwajimaya. Since I work for the company, there was an employee sale for 1 day and that's when I picked up the items. *
I'm always looking for good facial wipes and makeup removing wipes and saw this Kose Sofymo one with Q10 in it. I also like the fact that its in solid plastic container so it won't dry out as easily.
I also picked up this Kracie Aroma Resort Happy Sweet Peach Body Soap mainly because I have previously bought the body milk spray and am in love with the peach scent. I am in need of a new summery body wash and thought this one would be perfect to pair together and make me feel nice and happy for the remainder of summer =)
I have heard many good things about the Japanese Yu-Be brand and was curious to try something from the line that would be good for my dry skin so I figured this Moisturizing Skin Cream would be a good test. I may be doing a full review on this soon **
I needed some new eye drops too and love the Rohto brand ones and decided to try to Arctic Redness Relief ones. I have bought from this brand before but not this particular formula, so I'm excited to feel the cooling sensation. Yes, I know it may not be as good for you, but I only use eye drops when I REALLY need to. Not on a every day basis.
Lastly, I wanted to try out two facial sheet masks before committing to buying a whole box of them! I have been looking for something for clearing out pores and I thought both would be good for that purpose! The Bamboo Charcoal + Volcano mud extract will be good to deep clean the pores while the clarifying astringent mask will be good for removing all the dead skin cells and what not.
What are you favorite Asian beauty brands?  Any certain item you'd like to try??


  1. this is awesome! Wish there was a store like this in North Carolina!!! I've been meaning to try Etude House for a while, but I'm not exactly sure where to order their products :/

    Great haul!!

  2. I LOVE those Rohto eye drops - so cooling! What a cool haul of stuff! :)

    xo Brianna | Glazed Over

  3. I still need to try Etude House products too! I think Amazon and are the only places I know where to get them, but I haven't to order from either yet.

  4. Yea, I always go back to them when I need something extra! And thanks =P

  5. Great haul! I love Rohto eye drops :) Any idea how to buy those in Canada?
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