The Body Shop's Colour Crush Lipstick in 205 Passionate Pink: Swatch + Review

A few weeks ago, I did a mini haul from The Body Shop when they had 40% off their originally priced items, so I made sure to take advantage of it and pick up a lipstick to try since I have never tried their cosmetic items before.

Picture of my minihaul from my instagram @kfclovesyou

I really wanted to try out a lipstick (of course, being the lip addict/junkie that I am) so I picked up their Colour Crush Lipstick in 205 Passionate Pink.  At the time it was on the sight, it was only $6.50 (I believe it is originally $12.50 and on the site now it is %7.50)

As you can see. This is a beautiful vibrant magenta color with cooler undertones. The website said this was a matte formula but I don't quite agree with that description, which I actually prefer it not to be completely matte.

When swatched, you can definitely see a little sheen to it.

Now for lip swatches (all indoors in natural lighting).

I didn't expect to like this product as much as I did when I tried it on. Since the description said it would be "matte," I figured it would be on the dryer side like the NYX and Wet n' Wild matte lipsticks, but this definitely was anything but drying. It glided on so smoothly and was actually more on the creamy side, but not overly creamy. It didn't hold on to any of the dry cracks on my lips which was surprising for being a matte lipstick. I would say that you do need a mirror for this product, it isn't something to just put on without a mirror since you can easily get lipstick on your teeth and outside the lip area. The color doesn't look that bright in the pictures, but in real life, it is definitely a brighter lipstick. The pigmentation is awesome and the color in general is beautiful on. It's one of those pink lipsticks that makes your teeth look whiter (always a plus)! This lipstick has got me hooked and now I want to try some other lipsticks from this line--and they always have some sort of sale online, so it makes them very affordable,

Have you tried any of The Body Shop lipsticks? Any recommendations? Would you try out this lipstick? Let me know!


  1. that's such a beautiful shade!

    from helen at

    ps. there's a cute Dahlia trench coat giveaway on my blog at the moment, click here!

  2. Love it. The colour really suits you!

  3. Me too! It's more pink than red, but still bold enough to act like a red.

  4. aaaaaaaaaaaah man, now THAT'S a pretty color!! Magentas and fuchsias are a total weakness of mine!


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