Natsu Matsuri 2014 Seattle

Another year, another festival! Of course I attended Natsu Matsuri at the Seattle Uwajimaya store again and here are some pictures that captured the day. This was two weekends ago but better late than never!
Seattle was blessed with beautiful weather so it made the event even better. And of course, be ready for all the food pics >.<

I'm such a sucker for somen!
And this Tonkotsu Ramen was bomb.
Cutest little boy ever! His hair too!
Of course, you need ice cream for a hot day!
And that's it! Hope ya'lls Summer is going well  (if you're in Summer season that is)


  1. Nice post.Really like it! :)
    Antonella <3

  2. favourite cuisine. Sorry for leaving behind some drool :)


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