What's in my Personal Carry-On Bag? 2014

Backpack and Neck Pillow from Marshalls # FabFound

I will be leaving tomorrow on a 3 week trip to Asia and I thought that it'd be a perfect time to show you all what I bring with me! I will be starting this little series today and show you first what I take with me in my personal carry on bag.

My personal carry on bag is the bag that I will have on me--the one I will back under the seat in front of me and not in the overhead bins. Therefore, my most essential items will be here for the flight so I don't have to disturb others or try to get things out of the bins above.

Along with my carry-on, I am definitely bringing this neck pillow and a book (Game of Thrones (A Song of Fire and Ice Book 1) for some in-flight reading.

Other items I like to have on me are my travel liquids, electronics, make-up, wipes, first-aid items, and a few other bits and pieces, especially my wallet and passport! I will be doing a different post going more in depth on what is in my: travel liquids, electronics, and make-up. 

I would suggest a travel size of cleansing towelettes to wipe the hands or face since airplane air can be very stuffy and of course a toothbrush and paste or those Colgate Fresh Mini-Brush Wisps. They're PERFECT for traveling. Also, some sort of chapstick is a must so your lips won't feel so dry. Another must is definitely a small compact mirror since you never know what may be stuck in your teeth.

Not packed yet in my personal carry-on are my glasses and glasses case, a pack of gum/mints, sunglasses, and some sort of snack (nuts or trail mix is good for in-flight or fruit snacks!)

Readers, what do you like to keep on you when you travel? 
What are your favorite snacks to bring? Let me know in the comments!


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