Limited Edtion Calbee Meet Ghost-Bat Halloween Snack Borscht Flavor: Review

In spirit of it now being October and Halloween coming at the end of the month, I thought I would squeeze in this little product review on a Limited Edition snack I bought while I was in Hong Kong!

This snack is from the brand Calbee (one of my favorites for making different varieties of chips and stuff) and I found this while I was in a 7-11 in Hong Kong. Now, the cool thing about these chips is that not only are they a limited edition flavor, BUT, they're also in these cool ghost and bat like shapes!
This one in particular is Borsch flavored. Borsch or Borscht is a type of soup that originates from Ukraine and is popular amongst other Eastern and Central European soups and is typically made from beets (as the main ingredient). However, tomato can also be the main ingredient and beets being the second one. This limited edition chips has more of the tomato side of Borsch.
Half a bat ghost and other ghosts!
As you can see, the chips are all shaped differently! I think it adds a unique touch to not only add a new limited flavor to a chip, but to change the whole look of it in general. The texture of the chip is thicker than your typical potato chip (think Pringles instead of Lays) so this allows the shape to hold better and not be so brittle. Each chip then has the flavor coating sprinkled over it.
Flavor wise, I can't say it is like the Borscht soups I had before (which are more Russian style and made with just beets). There is a slight "borscht" flavor to it but a bit more tangy. That is where I think the tomatoes come in. Overall, I really did enjoy it and thought it was just a really cool snack. Plus, in Hong Kong, the chip were equivalent to $1.50 USD which is a really good deal for these chips since in the US, something like this would be easily over $2.
Readers, do you like Halloween inspired snacks. What kind do you like most, the sweet stuff or more savory ones? Let me know!


  1. Oh my god I have never seen a food review! So funny! But those little ghosts look pretty tasty :) Your newest follower xx :)

    It would mean the world to me if you visited my blog <33

    Berry The Blue

  2. great blog post :)

    you have a lovely blog here

    come say hi


  3. These looks so yummy!! I love Halloween themed foods xx

  4. Oh that looks so cute!
    I´ve nominated to you to BBlogger TAG!
    I hope you join!


  5. Haha, I actually really like doing food reviews, especially on fun, cute stuff! And I will definitely check out your blog soon!

  6. Thanks, i'll come stop by soon!

  7. They were really tasty! And yes, Halloween themed foods are so fun (and I especially love when they bring out all the Pumpkin stuff >.< hehe)

  8. Oo! Okay, i'll take a look at it!


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