SWATCH + REVIEW: NYX Wicked Lippie in Betrayal, Trickery, Risque, and Envy

I had no idea NYX was coming out with these Wicked Lippies until I actually went on their website to purchase another item. I saw the beautiful jewel tone lipsticks and knew I had to pick a few up!

I picked up four colors: 01 Betrayal (a dark purple), 03 Trickery (a golden olive green), 09 Risque (a dark emerald green), and 12 Envy (a royal blue)

Below are some swatches, from L to R: Betrayal, Wicked, Risque, and Envy

Now for some lip swatches:

Betrayal is a nice dark purple color. I love this one especially, being the purple lover that I am, and find that this is creamy and very pigmented. The nice thing about this lip color too is that after it wears off, the purple leaves the nicest berry stain on the lips! I love it. 

Trickery is the next color in the bunch and such a unique color. For being a darker lippie that leans towards the olive/green side, it is very wearable. This one is also very creamy and pigmented and I think perfect for the fall weather.

Risque is the next color and I am in love with this one, more so than I thought i'd be! I've always wanted to play around with a green lipstick, but I could never find an affordable one or one that was the type of green I was looking for. This one hit the spot and probably applied the most opaque out of all the colors I picked up. It is a nice emerald green and I can't wait to play around with this for some Halloween looks!

The last color I picked up is Envy. Envy is a royal blue color. This one was the most difficult to work with out of the bunch. The color slipped a lot, almost being too creamy, and it was really hard to build opacity. As I was applying, the lipstick itself seemed to leave weird bits on my lips too in the first few swipes.

Overall, I am extremely pleased with these lipsticks for the price and for the quality of them. You can find them online on NYX Cosmetics for only $6.00. They all have a frosted finish and do require time to apply. They can be a bit messy, so using a lip brush would probably be a good idea. I would suggest a lip primer and also lining the lips with a clear lip liner or a nude one so the color doesn't bleed outside the lips.

Because they are so creamy, they don't last as long--you can get about 3 hours of wear before you'd need a touch up, sooner if you eat since it will transfer. If you do prep your lips properly, these will last longer.

If you're looking for fun lippies for a very good price, I would definitely check these out ASAP! These would perfect for fun Halloween looks!

Readers, have you seen or tried these NYX Wicked Lippies yet? What colors would you try out? Let me know!


  1. They look amazing x
    Please, check out my last post

  2. how can you rock all of these crazy colors so well???? I am literally in awe.. teach me your lipstick wearing ways

  3. Haha, yeah they were very pigmented so I had to be extra careful when I applied. And yes, I love Betrayal too! I'm such a sucker for purples, haha.

  4. They really are! And I will check it out soon!

  5. Oh stahhhhp >.< lolz you're seriously making me blush right now

  6. Wow they look stunning yet daring

    Candice | Beauty Candy Loves


  7. Very daring and not for every day, but definitely fun to play around with and if you're feeling particularly bold one day!


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