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Recently, there have been many new online stores that have been popping up all over. One that really caught my eye is and if you're into fun pieces, you should definitely check them out!

They just re-launched their store this month and it is amazing. Their clothing line is unique and offers every style along with their amazing selection of shoes and accessories. Personally, the clutches and maxi dresses are some of my favorite pieces! If you love comic books and anything with a more cartoon feel, you have to check out their fabulous line of skirts and pants. You won’t be disappointed! And everything sells for an affordable price, too.


What stands out to me about Bodeoo, besides the clothes that they sell, is that they sell confidence. They want all of their customers to look and feel amazing in everything they buy. And it shows! Not many stores would have the models wearing the same size they are marketing to. So all medium size clothes are worn by models who actually wear a size medium, which you don't get to see in most online clothing stores.
Be sure to check out their blog and all of their social media because they are giving away some of the best beauty and fashion secrets. Tutorial Tuesdays show viewers on YouTube things like how to make facials at home, or make up tips. And they will even be giving shout outs to other fellow bloggers. So go check Bodeoo out, shop, read, and catch up on some beauty tips.
As a bonus for my readers, Bodeoo is offering free shipping on any order from them with the promo code: kandy50.
Be sure to check out the site and should you decide to purchase anything, don't forget the promo code kandy50 for free shipping!
Readers, do you do a lot of shopping on online clothing stores? Are you into comic inspired clothing pieces? Let me know!
*this post is in collaboration with*


  1. It's pretty cool that they have models modeling items in their actual sizes. More companies need to do that! I shop online quite often but I usually stick with shops where I know my size.

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  2. I know what you mean about sticking to shops you know, if I REALLY like something from a new site I will tend to go up one size..Just in case! But yes, I really like that they have models modeling their actual sizes-it definitely helps other get a better look at how something might look on!


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