BIRTHDAY WEEKEND: Revel and Schilling Cider House in Fremont.

A couple weekends ago, I was able to celebrate my birthday (super last minute) with some of my girl friends. We wanted to venture to a different area of Seattle than are usual Capitol Hill and this time we went to the Fremont neighborhood in Seattle just west to the University District.

We started off at the cutest Korean fusion place called Revel. None of us have been there and it is always fun to try somewhere new. The menu isn't too huge so it wasn't overwhelming and we were able to try a bit of everything.

 Our first dish that came was a noodle dish: Dungeness crab, seaweed noodle, spicy red curry, crème fraiche. It was definitely different than anything I've ever had before but the combo was divine! The seaweed noodles were nice and al dente, the curry wasn't too spicy, there was an overall sweetness to the dish and the crab added a nice flavor and seafood texture. The baby bok choy added a nice fresh crunch to the dish as well.
Next were some appetizers: pork belly, kimchi, and beansprout pancake and the short rib, pickled shallot, and scallion dumplings.  Pork belly and kimchi is just always such a nice combo and in a pajun style pancake it added an extra crunch to it. The dumplings had a crush that was reminiscent of a Mexican dessert crust and the meat inside was nice and moist.
The last item we had was a rice dish (like a bibimbap) that had an egg yolk with short rib, sambal daikon (sambal is a type of Indonesian hot sauce, and daikon is a type of raddish) with mustard greens. This was probably my favorite dish! When you mix everything all together, you get a flavor and texture medly going on. Then there are sauces on the side that you can add to your liking including, a soy sauce mixture, fish sauce, gochujang (a type of Korean pepper paste) and I think ssamjang (another type of Korean spicy paste with Korean bean paste).

Of course you can't end the night without dessert and since it was my friend and I's birthday month, they gave us two candles to celebrate =)
I can't remember the name of the dessert dish but it consisted of this thick pudding, salted caramel, apples, dates, and rice puffs and OOOooo it was amazingggg! Not overly sweet or rich, just the perfect amount
 Schilling Cider House 
The last stop was Schilling Cider House which is a place where, as you guessed it, sells hard cider drinks. We had never been there before but saw some good reviews on trusty 'ol Yelp and decided to head in. The guy helping us was a bit awkward at first, but warmed up to us when we said we had no idea what we were doing. Basically, each of those samplers you see are $2 each and a whole flight of 6 samples is $13.45 (tax included). Such an awesome deal to be able to try the drinks you wanted! We decided on trying our own flights and pick and choose the drinks. I can't remember all of the ones I had but what comes to mind is sriracha lime, baked apple, a cider with melon, blackberry cider, and a pumpkin ale cider.
Sriracha lime tasted like pho without the beef stock and was a bit weird. Not gonna lie, and it definitely did have a kick. I'd recommend anyone to try it at least once since it is so unique and different. Baked apple cider was delicious and tasted like a better version of Martinelli's apple cider since there was alcohol in it. It wasn't overly sweet and the apple flavor was nice and crisp.
The cider with melon was my least favorite. I could barely taste any melon flavor and it was lacking in fullness and flavor. I don't recommend that one. The blackberry cider  was absolutely delicious! The berry flavor was present and it added a nice sweetness to the cider. Again, it wasn't overly sweet and is another favorite. The last cider I can remember and probably my favorite of the bunch is the pumpkin ale cider. If you love pumpkin flavored things, this is one too try. There was a definite pumpkin tone to the cider without it being overly pumpkin like pumpkin pie. It had a mellow sweetness to it that matched the pumpkin flavor just right. I highly recommend this one!
That's it for my quick little Birthday weekend post =) I hope you enjoyed it and enjoyed all the food posts. If you live in the Seattle area or ever come to visit, I definitely recommend checking these places out and the Fremont area in general (plus, you can see one of the major tourist attractions, the Fremont Troll!)
Readers, do you enjoy Korean food or Korean fusion? How about ciders (alcohol and non alcohol!) Let me know in the comments!

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