Last Monday (MLK day), I finally had a chance to check out the new Starbucks Reserve located in the Capitol Hill area of Seattle. This place newly launched last December and I wasn't quite sure what to expect since I didn't want to ruin too much for me.
This place is like the Willy Wonka of coffee. Inside, you can see the workings of a roaster and the steps/process it takes to bring a fresh bean to roasting perfection. There's an upstairs and a downstairs to see the magic at work. This isn't a typical Starbucks either with the same typical menus of frappuccinos and lattes. The menu is much different and specialized to showcase the different types of beans/roasts they have to offer and special ways of serving them. The food selection is also bit different as well with offerings from kale salads to bagel sandwiches.
The place was pretty busy for a holiday and I'm glad we got there early (around 10am) since around 11 or so, the place became super crowded! They have a few places for people to sit and enjoy themselves but not as much as I'd like. The whole entrance is filled with different coffee products and accessories to sell to complete your coffee experience. Right inside is a little version of Tom Douglas' famous Serious Pie.
Our order didn't take too long to get to us, about a 5 minute wait. I ordered the shakerato bianco. Shakerato is a chilled espresso shot shaken with ice till it foams and the bianco part comes from the sweet cream you add to it. They had samples to give out too and I had a piece of an espresso biscuit. They also offer a small glass of sparkling water to cleanse the palette after.
I'm not too huge into coffee, but since I was going to the Starbucks Reserve, I had to try something out. This one was perfect for me since the coffee itself had a nice chocolate note to it (sorry I forgot the blend) and the sweet cream added to it made it a sweet treat. I would definitely order it again!
If you're a Seattlelite, stopping by in town, or a coffee lover in general, I would definitely check out this place at least once. It is totally different than your generic Starbucks coffee shop, plus, there are many great food places to try in this area in general (Melrose Market, Mamnoon, Pie Bar, etc).
Readers, do you like Starbucks? What are your favorite items to get from here? Let me know!


  1. I love your photos, they really capture how much energy is flowing there:) I am so jealous that we don't have this in the Bay Area!

  2. Thank you! Haha but maybe one day they'll have something like this in the bay! They had to start it at the home of Starbucks. If you ever find yourself in Seattle, you have to check it out!! =)


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