I have always wanted to try these Lime Crime Velvetines but I was never sure which colors I wanted to try. Then when I would try to order them, they would always be sold out! Well, I finally made an order last month and these two lippies finally landed on my doorstep from                   
Can we first take a look and appreciate Lime Crime's packaging though?! The inside of the shipment box is too pretty and everything has a curiousity feel to it. I can really appreciate when a company does a little more with their shipments.
review on the lipstick to come soon!

It took awhile to decide on the colors I wanted but I thought I'd go for more wearable colors, one more bold and the other a bit more neutral so I ended up deciding on Wicked & Cashmere.
Wicked is a dark vampy red that reminds me of the inside of a moist red velvet cupcake! I love the color of this but I really wish it was easier to apply! I would definitely suggest lining your lips first so you have a guide. I also noticed that the product wouldn't spread evenly over my lips, especially if you tried to do more than one coat right away. Also, DON'T SMUDGE YOUR LIPS TOGETHER WHEN THE PRODUCT IS STILL WET! When I did that, the product transferred from the bottom lip to the top leaving more unevenness on the bottom lip. This color is definitely more high-maintenance but I love the color so much I don't mind working with it. Plus, this stuff stays put and won't go anywhere after it sets. I noticed very slight transfer (kiss test to the back of the hand) but nothing that removed a noticeable amount of product off the lips. Through some light snacking and drinking, I noticed a bit of a fade (so lining and filling in your lips will definitely keep it in place longer) but can say this lasted on me for a good 4-5 hours before I really noticed fading. Removing it was a bit difficult though-I had to go in with an oil to remove the rest of it off and it got really messy.
Cashmere is a neutral taupe color with a bit of a cooler undertone and can look a bit grey. For some it may look a bit 'dead' on their lips so this color would be lovely paired with a warmer lip liner or lipstick. I absolutely love this color on its own and love how surprisingly wearable it is on my skin tone. It is different than your basic nude and the formula of this one was much better than Wicked and applied evenly, even going in right away to layer it up. I could definitely see myself wearing this every day especially since the formula stays put. I found that this one didn't transfer weirdly when I smooshed my lips together while it was still wet. As it completely dried and set, there was no transfer at all (kiss test). This one also stayed put through light eating and drinking and the fading was less noticeable and was mainly on the inner part of the lips. I got a good 5 hours out of this product as well before I noticed some wear but even after an 8 hour day, the majority of the product was still on my lips and looked decent!
Both velvetines dried to a matte finish within a minute or so and my lips didn't feel dried out at all initially Throughout the day, I felt my lips being a bit drier than usual but nothing uncomfortable-it's just something I'm not used to. But with any matte lip product, I do recommend exfoliating your lips beforehand just so as the product wears throughout the day, dry patches don't show up. If you're lips are very dry, go ahead and put a balm underneath or on top.  Both of these cost $20 on the Lime Crime website.
Readers, have you tried any Lime Crime Velvetines? What colors do you recommend? Have you tried any of their other products? Let me know!


  1. i love both of them on you! i wanted both shades for so long but i'm afraid i can't pull those color :/ i mostly stick with purples and pink nudes hehe

  2. that packaging is so pretty! I wanted to see cashmere because it looks so different based on skin tone, it looks almost like a nude purple I love it! and what a bummer about the being sold out all the time, been trying to get an order in and it really is sold out all the time gah. lovely swatches :)

  3. Thanks so much! I'm sure if you found the right shade, you could pull the colors off! I love purples myself too though..hehe and have been getting more into nudes (not so much pink nudes but I don't mind giving those a chance either =P )

  4. I know right?! They're packaging on everything is so stinkin' cute. Cashmere does look completely different on different skin tones across the board but I can definitely see it being a nude with purple. There are a few more velvetiness I want to try out, but of course, they're sold out >.< . Sometimes you can catch some on Urban Outfitters (they don't have all the shades) but they also run out quick too! Thanks again =)))

  5. they sound a bit high maintenance but they look so nice on you! Also, super impressed with the box haha! Wish all companies put in that extra something!

  6. Wicked for sure is high maintenance but I do love the color and how long it stays on.
    Yes, the box is super cute!! It made opening the package even more enjoyable!! Haha.


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