When the coupons come and 2 for $24 (they raise the price again! Grr) candles happen at Bath and Body Works, I'm all over it! I may have a bit of a scent addiction #sorrynotsorry but I love having options and having my house smell nice =)
There are a bunch of new scents out and packaging so I definitely had way to much fun picking and choosing. Let's start with the wall flowers.
I'm a huge fan of the wall flowers since they're easy to use (all you have to do is plug them in) and you don't have to worry about burning a candle. I love them for the bathroom and living room area. I picked up 6 (6 for $24) in the scents Sunshine, Pineapple Palmgrass, Guava Colada, Beautiful Day, Love, and Lilac Blossom. I also wanted a new fragrance plug in and this Spiral Shell one will be perfect with summer coming up and plus, there's a night light!
Onto the candles both 3-Wick and medium. I had to pick up two favorites: Georgia Peach and Lilac Blossom.
Georgia Peach I believe is a new name and different formula, but there's still peach in it and all the peach candles I've picked up in the past I have loved so I wanted to go ahead and grab another one. The sweet delicate peach scent is just so inviting and reminds me of nice, sunny, warm weather.
Lilac Blossom was a discovery last Spring and I fell I love and only burned it sparingly. I'm usually not a huge fan of florals but this one smells so nice and fresh and exactly like a fresh picked lilac bouquet!
Now onto the Hawaiian tropical looking line. Let's just all appreciate the glass packaging these are in. Are they not the cutest?! Ahh, the color gradients and cuter smaller candles are just perfect even for tableside decoration, plus they smell delicious.
Guava Colada smells like POG (Passion Orange Guava) juice that is popular on the islands. Big Island Bamboo is on the fresher, crisp side with warmer woody notes, and then Honolulu Sun reminds me of the Oceanside breeze while sipping a freshly opened coconut on the beach. Love them all.
And of course I also like to coordinate some scents =)
Readers, what are your favorite scents from BBW? Are you a big fan of candles? Let me know!


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