New Glico Pretz are introduced to the States and I couldn't be more excited. Today, i'll be quickly discussing four of the flavors I picked up and tried out. Flavors include a Hot Chili Salad, Pizza, Sweet Corn, and Tom Yum flavor. I will say I was most excited about Tom Yum because I had the flavor while I was in Malaysia last summer and I missed it so much! The fact that they introduced the flavor here in the US makes me extra happy and I hope it stays for at least awhile! A breakdown of the flavors will be below after the jump.

Hot Chili Salad -  This had no real flavor distinction just besides the fact that it is spicy. It had a bit of a sour taste to it (like vinegar-ish). The picture on the box makes it look like a salad with meat but there's no meat in the product. I cant really say this had the 'salad' part but I did get the hot chili flavor. I don't think i'd repurchase it again.

Pizza - If not a pizza, I definitely got the whole Italian herb flavor and could taste the cheese, garlic and onion. There's a slight tartness that resembles the tomato/marinara flavor so you could definitely say this tasted like cheese pizza with onion and garlic. The photo shows basil but there's no basil flavor. If anything, this tastes like garlic bread dipped in a marinara sauce and I would repurchase it.

Tom Yum - Like I mentioned before, I'm excited for this one since this is basically the exact same as the Tom Yum pretz I had in Malaysia and I'm so glad they decided to release this flavor into the US market! This hot and sour soup w/ strong lemongrass and lime leaves flavoring is exactly the taste that comes to mind when I want to have some Tom Yum soup! There's even fish sauce, tamarind and other spices to help imitate the flavor and I am loving this so much! It isn't super spicy (which I personally prefer) and it has just the amount of tartness that pleases my palette. I'd highly recommend checking this one out.

Sweet Corn - I'm a fan of sweet corn anything so I was excited to see this flavor released. It had the nice buttery flavor on the biscuit with a nice sweet corn flavor. I could have used a little morn corn flavor myself but I can see the subtle flavor being inviting to most palettes. I'd definitely recommend this one too if you're a fan of sweet corn flavors and I'd definitely buy again.

Each box came with a large pack of pretz. The retail price was around $1.19. I found these at my local Asian grocery store.

Readers, have you tried Pretz before? What flavor would you want to try or what flavors would you recommend?!

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