I know I'm super late on these last food posts but better late than never! This restaurant still exists (and is one of the most popular ones on the island of Maui) and the only thing that really changes is the seasonal/fresh caught fishes! The menu since I've been there hasn't changed too much! This restaurant I'll be reviewing is the infamous Mama's Fish House located in Paia and what we passed by going back and forth from the Road to Hana. At first, it doesn't look much from outside and their entrance, but once you have your vehicle valet parked, you get to really see what's behind the little boat!

There's a little inn that's located behind the restaurant right along its own little stretch of beach. These palm trees though...!
The waiting area is lined with photos of famous celebrities including actors, athletes, musicians, etc. and you get a glimpse of everyone 'famous' that has eaten here which is pretty cool. The wait time wasn't long for us and we were almost seated immediately inside facing an opened up part of the restaurant.
Drinks: Tropical fruit colada in passion fruit (lilikoi) and mango and another cocktail I can't for the life of me remember but my mom had it >.<
We started with some bread and butter and a few appetizers and a soup we all shared.
1) Papa's 3 Fish Sashimi: We had 3 different types of fish dressed in it's own unique flavor and they were all so different, but so fresh and tasty. Each type of fish was paired with a different type of salt which also a different element to the dish. I'd recommend this if you love sashimi and want a treat for yourself. This came with 12 pieces total (4 of each) so it's good for 2 people to share or 4 people getting a little sample of each.
2) Wasabi Crusted Calamari: The most tender pieces of squid you could imagine in nice meaty pieces with a nice crunchy crust and a flavorful wasabi dressing/sauce to go with it. The wasabi wasn't too spicy and didn't overpower the calamari. The breading also was in good proportion, not too thick, but not too little with a nice crunch. Highly recommended!
3) Mama's Beef  Polynesian: This was such a colorful dish with seared beef tenderloin in a grilled Hana papaya. The beef was seasoned perfectly and was nice and tender. The sweetness of the papaya balanced the spices of the beef. The added veggies was a nice touch too and eating the papaya at the end made it even better. 
4) Macadamia Nut Crab Cakes with Fire and Ice Relish: These mini crab cakes were loaded with crab but didn't feel as substantial as other crab cakes I've had, especially in Seattle. I also couldn't quite taste the macadamia nut flavor in it, but the nuts were there. These are a bit pricey at $25 for 2 pieces so unless you're dying to try these, I personally would pass on these and try for something a bit different, unless you can't get crab easily where you live!
5) Mahimahi and Kauai Shrimp in Mama's Bouillabaisse Broth with Garlic Aioli & Toast: I really wish this came in a bigger portion for what you are paying for. Sure you get some seafood, but it isn't quite a lot and it really can only feed one person. The flavor, however, was exceptional and packed with flavor and is really their only soup on their menu apart from another seasonal one. I think if this came in a slightly bigger size I'd be a bit more happy, but you're paying for the name and quality of the food.
For our main course, we shared two orders of their most popular item suggested by the waiter: Mama's Stuffed Mahimahi. Unfortunately, this was a bit disappointing, especially for the high price tag and I wish we would have tried something else or just one of these. The mahmahi was dry and lacked flavor. We already had the crab cake and they stuffed it so it was just doubling what we already had. I did like the lobster tail though, but the lobster tail was tiny compared to the Maine lobsters I'm used to seeing.  Again, the macadamia nut crust wasn't that flavorful but added a nice texture. The sides of asparagus, pickled corn salsa thing,  and rice dish were a nice touch along with this pineapple marmalade. I think my expectations were extremely high for this especially seeing reviews or hearing this dish being extremely popular but I wasn't really left that impressed with it. This is just my opinion though and you may love it, but I would likely try something else on the menu.
Dessert was the last course and we tried two different things.
Lilikoi Crème : A bit overpriced again, but it was a really good Crème brûlée and the lilikoi on top added a nicbrûléee fruity touch. This was also a lot bigger than I'm used to for Crème brûlée.
Chocolate Dessert: This one is no longer on the menu and I forgot the name of it. It was also a bit disappointing for the price and besides the presentation, nothing else really stuck in mind. 

Overall, the atmosphere, service, and location is excellent at Mama's Fish House and I would recommend trying it out at least once IF it is in your budget. The prices are on the higher end of the spectrum and in my opinion, some of the items aren't really worth the price. I've tried other restaurants on the island for less than half the price we spent at this place and they were just as good (or in some cases, even better) as this restaurant. There are however some really good items on the menu and I would recommend sticking to the fresh catches and local fish dishes. I would also suggest sharing a few dishes so you can try more things!

Have you guys heard of the Mama's Fish House? What are your favorite types of seafood dishes? Let me know!

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