I'm the biggest sucker when it comes to purple lipsticks and love them in all shades from the faint lilacs to the deep, dark, bold purples. This Violet Fatale Lip Color by Tom Ford is no exception! I have never tried any Tom Ford products before, but the lovely girls from my studio gifted it to me (they know me so well!) and I was in love right away!

First off, the packaging is beautiful in an all black with gold trimmed case that s quite weighty, definitely giving it the luxurious vibe. The classic "TF" is also embossed into the lipstick bullet itself.
Tom Ford Violet Fatale Lip Color - Nordstrom
The color comes off pretty true to the lipstick bullet, but maybe a tad bit lighter. This is a very wearable purple that I find perfect for all year around, especially during the summer when you still want to wear purple, but don't want to go too dark. It's definitely more of a berry color. It also leaves a nice stained look to the lips when it eventually wears off.

This applied beautifully and lasted a lot longer than I thought it would, especially since it is a creamier product. If you eat/drink light, it will basically last all day. The formula is smooth, moisturizing, and easy to apply. This product is definitely on the creamier side with great color payoff. There is a slight vanilla scent to it which reminds me of MAC Cosmetic lipsticks. It's not too strong of a scent and wears off pretty quickly. I wore this lipstick to a pole class and it was still on when we went out for dinner and I received a lot of compliments wearing this color!

For a high-end brand and product, I definitely do recommend this, especially if you are looking for something of quality. There are definitely dupes out there in the market (MAC Rebel, Milani Sangria, etc.) but if you want to treat yourself or splurge just a little bit, give these Tom Ford lipsticks a try!

What are your favorite purple lipsticks? I'd love to know!


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